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In view of the current domestic and international situation and the central task of opening a new era of economic construction, the central economic work conference took accelerating structural adjustment as one of the general requirements for improving the quality and efficiency of economic growth and promoting the sustained, rapid and healthy development of the national economy and all-round social progress in 2002. Recently, according to the changes in the international and domestic environment faced by China's industrial development and the increasingly prominent reality of structural contradictions in industrial development, the State Economic and Trade Commission, in order to vigorously promote China's industrial development, requires a certain understanding of the strategic adjustment of China's industrial structure, optimize the industrial structure, and continuously improve the overall competitiveness of the industry, To maintain the sustainable development of the national economy, the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for industrial restructuring was specially formulated and issued. It is also identified as an important task for China's industrial front in the coming period

on the basis of studying and analyzing the changes of market supply and demand at home and abroad and the trend of Technological Development in the next five years, the outline of the plan clarifies the guiding ideology and principles to be followed in the adjustment of industrial structure during the Tenth Five Year Plan period, and focuses on the objectives of upgrading the industrial structure of different industries, improving the ownership structure, optimizing the organizational structure, improving the ability of technological innovation, and enhancing the ability of sustainable development during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

the central economic work conference and the planning outline of the State Economic and Trade Commission put forward clear guiding ideology and main objectives for the structural adjustment work under the new situation of light industry, as well as several major relationships that must be handled well in the structural adjustment, which is a great promotion for guiding the light industry to carry out in-depth structural adjustment in the new year. To this end, the China Light Industry Federation will actively work together with and organize relevant parties to do the following work:

1. Carefully study and implement the spirit of the central economic work conference and the outline of the Tenth Five Year Plan for industrial restructuring of the State Economic and Trade Commission, summarize the work since this year, combine the short-term and long-term goals of structural adjustment, highlight key points, give classified guidance, and do a good job in structural adjustment in an all-round way

2. Give full play to the industrial management role of light industry management departments at all levels and industry associations, and revise the industrial structure adjustment plan according to the requirements of the central economic work conference and the guiding ideology of the planning outline based on the actual situation of the region and the industry

3. According to the industry structure adjustment plan, installation step 1 must carefully browse and understand, formulate a step-by-step implementation plan, determine phased tasks and goals, and do a good job in the overall promotion of industry structure adjustment

4. Give full play to the role of trade associations as a bridge between the government and enterprises, do a good job in guiding, coordinating and supervising services in the process of implementing the industrial structure adjustment plan, reflect the problems in a timely manner, and put forward measures and suggestions to speed up the adjustment

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