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China Rubber Association: suggestions on building a tire testing ground as soon as possible

China Rubber Industry Association believes that it is urgent to build a tire testing ground, whether to meet the needs of the international market, improve the R & D level of domestic tires, cultivate international famous brand products, and speed up the greening of the tire industry. To this end, China Rubber Association has recently put forward suggestions to relevant national departments to build a tire testing ground as soon as possible

first, the urgency of building a tire testing ground

on November 1 this year, the EU tire labeling law will be enforced. The labeling law requires that all tires exported to the EU must be labeled to indicate the level of fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet road grip of the tires. The European Union also requires that tires produced after June 30 this year must be labeled. Among the three indicators of rolling resistance, wet road grip and noise required by the labeling method, the two indicators of wet road grip and noise must pass the tire test field to obtain the test data. However, China currently does not have a tyre testing ground. The European Union has become the largest export region of China's automobile tires. The enforcement of the tire labeling law will bring great challenges to China's tire exports

driven by the EU move, many countries have introduced their own labeling regulations. 28% of South Korea's tire production is sold to the European Union, so the country has introduced a voluntary tire labeling system, which will also become a mandatory requirement from November 2012. In addition, Japan has implemented a voluntary tire labeling system since 2010, which mainly indicates the rolling resistance of tires and the grip level of slippery roads. The United States passed the regulation containing tire labeling provisions as early as six years ago. At present, industry groups and regulators are making final amendments to the regulation, and it is highly possible to grade tires according to their fuel efficiency, traction performance and tread wear. Brazil is currently preparing to formulate similar tire labeling regulations

the EU tire labeling law clearly stipulates the minimum indicators of tires: the best performance is grade A, the worst is grade g, and tires that fail to meet the minimum limit (i.e. below grade F) shall not be sold in the EU. At present, the average rolling resistance of car tyres produced locally in the EU is at level E, the wet grip force is at level C, and the noise index is about 72; The rolling resistance of truck tires and bus tires is generally at level c-e

according to the recent sampling survey of large tire enterprises by the national tire and rim Standardization Technical Committee, the rolling resistance of car tires in China is mostly Grade E and F, most of which can meet the minimum requirements of the first stage of the European Union, but a considerable proportion of them fail to meet the minimum requirements of the second stage of the European Union. The investigation and analysis results of the national truck tires by the tire Research Institute of Shanghai tire and rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. show that about 30% of the truck tires fail to meet the minimum requirements of the first phase rolling resistance of the European Union, and 70% fail to meet the minimum requirements of the second phase rolling resistance of the European Union. On the whole, 36% of the country has not yet met the EU first stage standard, and 50% do not meet the EU second stage requirements

in spite of this, the European Union still gives a positive evaluation on the evaluation of Chinese tires, and they still have confidence in Chinese tire products. However, since there is no tire testing ground in China, at present, Chinese tire enterprises generally find qualified testing ground in Europe through dealers, which not only greatly increases the burden of enterprises, but also seriously affects the international competitiveness of Chinese tire enterprises. Other process means (torque method, angle method, yield point method) are indirect methods. If Chinese tires want to continue to gain a foothold in Europe and the United States in the future, the problem of building a tire testing ground is imminent

II. The importance of building a tire testing ground

the tire testing ground is to test the safe driving performance of tires on various special roads, as well as important driving performance indicators such as tire durability, high speed, noise, wet skid resistance and rolling resistance, by simulating various use environments of tires, and equipped with special test and detection equipment, so as to ensure the safety and stability of newly designed tires, It is an important practical test method for tires before quantitative production. At the same time, the causal relationship between tire structure, compound formula, manufacturing process and tire quality is analyzed through the test data, so as to provide test data for tire independent research and development and quality improvement. The data of tire test field has the advantages of authenticity, timeliness and accuracy, which can not be compared with indoor test and actual use test

therefore, the tire testing ground is an indispensable means for the application of new tire technologies and the development of new products, and it is also one of the important symbols that reflect the level of tire production and development in a country. Without a tire testing ground, it is difficult for China to move from a big tire country to a strong tire country

for a long time, due to the restriction of test methods, the research and development of high-end tire products in China has seriously lagged behind the well-known international tire brands. Especially in recent years, relying on the export of traditional products, we have frequently encountered foreign anti-dumping and technical barriers. The remarkable characteristics of modern marketing are that the development cycle of new products is shortened, and no matter how good the software design and advanced tooling equipment are, their product performance indicators are difficult to be accepted by users without actual test data. The best proof is that the matching amount of domestic tires is lower than that of foreign-funded enterprises. Incomplete testing methods have become an insurmountable bottleneck for independent innovation of China's local tire enterprises, which makes it difficult for China's car tires to enter the original tire market and can only be used as replacement tires

it is understood that more than 50 tire test sites have been built and used all over the world, 90% of which are built by multinational tire companies. Bridgestone company of Japan has built its 11th tire testing ground in Yixing, Jiangsu Province at the end of 2007, covering an area of 839000 square meters, becoming the first real tire testing track built in China. Continental Germany officially opened its winter tire test site in Heihe, Heilongjiang Province, in February this year, which is also the fourth test site of continental in the world. It can not only provide perfect test projects, but also be used to develop new technologies and products. However, the local tire enterprises have not yet built a tire test site. Due to the inaccuracy and lag of the test data, the process of domestic tire independent research and development has been greatly delayed, which can not meet the supporting needs of the rapid development of China's automobile industry, nor can it ensure the implementation of the low-carbon environmental protection strategy of the tire industry

III. the time is ripe to build a tire testing ground

tire testing ground is an important means to improve the level of tire research and development and create international brands. The construction of tire testing ground has been brewing in China for nearly 30 years, and the country has also set up a special project for this purpose, but it has been abandoned halfway due to various reasons, and the dream of tire industry testing ground has not been realized. In 1984, the former Ministry of chemical industry was approved by the former State Planning Commission to acquire 2500 mu of land in Langfang, Hebei Province to prepare for the construction of China's first tire testing ground. Later, it was forced to dismount due to lack of construction funds. The former State Development Planning Commission also investigated the possibility of using the existing automobile testing ground for tire testing, and was forced to give up due to the differences in test functions

at present, China has the conditions to build a tire testing ground, and the time is ripe to build a tire testing ground. At present, several powerful tire enterprises in China are interested in building tire test sites, and some private investment groups are also very optimistic about this project, but they are facing many difficulties such as capital and land, and the progress is still slow

it is understood that Shandong Linglong group has started the construction of tire test site since 2007. The project site is 26 kilometers away from the new plant area of Linglong group, covering an area of 161.2 hectares. The project site selection opinion, planning, land pre-trial, land use approval, EIA approval, project approval and other procedures have been completed. Soft control Co., Ltd. has made preliminary preparations for the construction of tire test site, and basically has the conditions for commencement. Shuangqian group, Hangzhou Zhongce, Guangzhou South China tire company and other enterprises also proposed construction intentions. However, due to the large investment, wide land occupation and long cycle in the construction of tire test sites, individual enterprises are unable to play an indispensable role in production and life. It is estimated that at least 500million yuan will be invested in building a hectare tire test site; It will cost about 1.5 billion yuan to build a hectare tire testing ground. Moreover, the maintenance cost of the tire testing ground is quite high. Without sufficient financial support, it is difficult to carry out construction and maintenance

it is revealed that Linglong group plans to invest 1.13 billion yuan in the construction of tire testing ground, which is the annual sales profit of the enterprise. Under the current situation of the depression of the whole industry, the difficulties can be imagined. As it is also difficult to grant land, it is still unknown when it will be completed

building a tire testing ground is a long-awaited event in the whole industry and an important means to improve the brand image of Chinese tires. More importantly, at present, enterprises have high enthusiasm for construction. Therefore, as long as the country pushes, this wish can be realized as soon as possible

IV. suggestions

to sum up, it is urgent to build a tire testing ground in order to meet the needs of the international market, improve the R & D level of domestic tires, cultivate international famous brand products, quickly drop the pendulum and speed up the greening of the tire industry. However, due to the huge investment in the construction of tire testing ground, it is difficult for a single enterprise to complete. Therefore, the following suggestions are put forward:

1. Determine the construction unit, establish a joint-stock operation and management company, strive to achieve the purpose of serving the industry

start the construction of domestic public tire testing ground serving the whole industry, and effectively improve scientific research and development, test and testing means and independent innovation ability, And deal with the technical barriers and trade frictions that continue to appear in tire exports. A joint-stock operation and management company of tire testing ground can be established to implement market-oriented management and serve the whole industry. At the same time, make preparations for the work plan of tire quality inspection and export tire inspection

2. Please support the state in construction funds and financing policies

to build a comprehensive tire testing ground, it needs to invest more than 1billion yuan in construction funds, and not only does it not produce economic benefits, but also requires large maintenance costs every year. Therefore, there must be policy guarantee. We sincerely request the relevant national departments to establish the project as soon as possible and provide support in the aspects of construction funds, financing policies and land approval

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