The hottest Sony e-book reader is listed in Japan

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Sony e-book "reader" is launched in Japan

Sony will launch the e-book terminal "reader" in Japan on December 10, 2010. There are "readerpocketed advancement" equipped with 5-inch electronic paper and "readertouchedition" equipped with 6-inch electronic paper and touch panel function. The price is open-ended, and the market price is expected to be about 20000 yen and 25000 yen respectively

with the launch of e-book terminals, Sony will also set up a special e-bookstore "readerstore" and start sending services on December 10, 2010. Sony said that at the beginning of the service, more than 20000 books were available for purchase

wireless models are still under discussion

the reader launched on the domestic market in Japan is basically the same as the terminals already sold in the United States and other places, and it is a product that supports Japanese fonts and displays. With regard to the sales target, Sony said that "it plans to sell 300000 units one year after its launch". And said, "around 2012, the market scale of e-book terminals (e-paper mode) in Japan will reach 10. The measurement of the force value of the thermal insulation material tensile testing machine of Jinan experimental machine factory is completed through the force measuring sensor, expander and data processing system. At that time, the company hopes to ensure 50% of the market share"

in the United States, "readerdailyedition" with wireless LAN and 3G communication functions has been launched. But this time Sony did not launch this model with communication function in Japan. "Because we hope to start business in Japan as soon as possible, we first listed these two models (pocketedition/touchedition). Of course, we are also considering launching models with communication functions, but what kind of business model to establish is still in the discussion stage" (Sony)

the format adopts xmdf

because the terminal is not equipped with communication function, you need to use a personal computer when purchasing book content from reade even if you work overtime at night or late in the rstore. Forward the content downloaded to the PC to the terminal. In addition, the software used in personal computer is dedicated to forwarding content to the terminal, and does not have the function of reading the structural principle of wear-resistant wiping experimental machine. In other words, the downloaded content cannot be displayed on the computer. This is different from the United States

the file format of the content adopts xmdf developed by sharp. DRM allegedly used "Marlin". In terms of format, "in the future, we are going to support.Book and epub3.0"

with regard to the 20000 books prepared at the beginning of the service, Sony said, "it is not simply counting, but preparing books and best sellers that users really want to read.". In addition, the collection of content is implemented by "booklista" jointly established by Sony and KDDI

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