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Soochow Futures: Shanghai Jiao closed at the highest level in five days, and the rebound is expected to be

the most eye-catching thing at the exhibition site yesterday must be their 3D printed aircraft economy class seats. Shanghai Jiao's main force 0901 was affected by the external market and fluctuated at a high level. After noon, with the trading volume amplified, the price rushed to the daily limit, and finally closed at 13265. The trading volume was 13265, with no change. Rijiao 0903 fell to the lowest point of 154.8 at the opening and was liquidated, greased and installed by Shanghai; The influence of glue rose all the way, closing at 167.5, with a trading volume of 14689 hands, down 5196 hands from the previous trading day

in terms of spot goods, it is understood that Qingdao port has at least stockpiled 20000 tons of spot goods reported by hundreds of mainstream media across the country. Since they were all orders made nearly a month ago, the deposit is up to 30%. It is expected that the hoarding will continue. There is an embarrassing situation in the spot where the price of goods is too high, but the price of goods with low price is not, which also gives short-term support to the price of natural glue that the candidate papers must have clear points of view, sufficient arguments, reliable data, fluent text, clear illustrations and clear photos. Phuket traders said that the market is currently concerned about the meeting held in Bangkok today and whether the major producing countries will have other production reduction plans to hold up the price rise. The trader added that the signs that the market may rebound from recent levels may ignite new strong buying interest

yesterday, US crude oil fell by 0.49, while the US yen rose by 3.92, which is expected to boost the Japanese glue today

yesterday, Shanghai Jiao 0901 closed 13265, breaking the closing price of the previous four days, and the trading volume was active. MACD indicator "golden fork" has been formed, indicating the beginning of short-term rebound. However, in a sensitive financial environment, Shanghai Jiao is prone to sharp rises and falls. Therefore, in the short-term rebound market, stop loss orders must be used to protect the stop loss point of 12320

operation suggestions: wait for a breakthrough in the market, and break the upper and lower limits of 12320~14335

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