The hottest SONY company produces new transistors

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Sony uses printing technology to produce new transistors

Sony recently announced the development of a new transistor to control the image of ultra-thin TVs. As of June 30, 2013, the biggest feature of this new transistor is the use of organic materials to replace silicon. It is expected to not only be able to produce in batches at low cost, but also greatly improve the clarity of the picture of the TV calibration of the hardness tester with a standard block before measurement. This research result has been announced at the "international solid element circuit" conference held in San Francisco, USA

this semiconductor using organic materials is produced by printing technology, which is expected to greatly reduce production costs. Sony has used this technology to test the mechanical properties of vulnerable parts 5: sheet metal materials in the long scientific research institute. The LCD has been trial produced on a glass substrate with a width of 5 cm and 4 cm. The photos displayed are very clear, and it is by far the best clarity display in the world among organic semiconductors

Sony also said that the technology developed this time can also be used in the next generation of displays. In the future, it is entirely possible to make displays as thin as paper and become "electronic paper displays". The company said it would realize commercial production as soon as possible based on this technology

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