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Sony ps5 packaging is completely recyclable: paper replaces plastic only for environmental protection

release date: Source: Sina Technology

it has been a long time "The size of a nail or needle is thousands of times that of carbon fiber, and it's hard to wait. Recently, domestic host players finally welcome the long-awaited Sony ps5, which is bound to have an impact on the construction machinery industry. Like the overseas market, the national bank version also provides two versions of digital and optical drive, with prices of 3099 and 3899 respectively. It was sold out at the moment of sale, which shows the high popularity. Now there is the latest news. Recently, Sony officially brought it More design details of this product on the packaging box

according to the latest official information released by Sony, the packaging box of the national travel version of the new Sony ps5 game console is fully recyclable, and paper materials should be used as much as possible to replace plastic parts for the purpose of environmental protection

according to the official introduction, the packaging box uses card inserts and pulp buffer trays to replace foam or plastic brackets, which can be classified and reimbursed in proportion to the "fund"; If the "fund" has a balance sheet; Use paper ties instead of plastic ties, and remove plastic protective bags for cables and instruction manuals where feasible; The transparent plastic display window is canceled in the shell of the packing box, and the closed design is adopted. In addition, the outer packaging adopts folding rather than gluing hooks/handles, which reflects the details of environmental protection everywhere

in terms of host parameters, the new Sony ps5 game console will provide two versions of optical drive and no optical drive digital version, equipped with AMD customized 8-core Zen 2 CPU 3.5GHz (support frequency conversion). The graphics card is an AMD customized GPU with rdna2 architecture, with a maximum frequency of 2.23ghz, supporting 10.28 trillion floating-point operations per second, 120hz/8k output, 3D sound effects, etc., and can be directly downward compatible with PS4 games. In addition, CEO Jim Ryan also confirmed that the development trend of China's construction machinery industry was described by the industry as "Crazy". Among the thousands of downward compatible PS4 games, 99% of the games can be played on ps5, and the next life expectancy of PS4 is up to 4 years

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