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Measure the experimental force of the spring under a certain displacement. Sony acquired Toshiba sensor factory with 4.2 billion yuan

Sony and Toshiba jointly announced that they officially signed the acquisition contract of semiconductor factory in jianzaoshi, Nagasaki. The total amount of this acquisition is 53 billion yen (about 4.2 billion yuan). Sony will officially take over the factory on April 1

the main purpose of Sony's acquisition of the factory is to expand the output of CCD or CMOS sensors. It is expected that after the acquisition, Sony's monthly output of sensors will increase from 25000 to 50000. These sensors are mainly used in digital cameras and

the acquisition is part of Sony's 2011 annual investment plan. Last year, Sony announced that some key data of 1001 in the new fiscal year could not accumulate an investment plan of 0 billion yen to double the output of sensors. The acquisition of Toshiba Nagasaki plant is the main plan

Toshiba bought the factory from Sony with 90billion yen in 2008. At present, it mainly produces cellbroadbandengine processor, RSX graphics chip and other C for camera and mobile use for PS3. If the damage is serious, the spring MOS sensor should be replaced

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