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On March 12, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, sonalight launched the voice message function text to detect angular displacement signals and send them to the computer for data processing by voice, so that Android users can use functions similar to Siri. Sonalight is a new start-up company funded by Y combinator, an American technology business incubator, which allows users to send and receive text messages hands-free. Hands free means that the user does not have to click a button, touch the screen and any other interference factors that make the driver leave the steering wheel. Therefore, for drivers, using sonaright to receive and send text messages while driving is a perfect solution

sonalight made its debut last October. However, with the support of YC incubation project, the company has made many improvements in back-end technology. The latest version of sonalight 3 was launched in February this year, realizing more enhancements

spenser skates, co-founder of sonalight, admitted, "our products still have a long way to go. Before, the performance was not very complete, especially in the rainy season, we paid more attention to the maintenance. Now, we have made great improvements to the product performance, both from the voice recognition back-end and the user interface."

the company now focuses on the function of sending and receiving voice messages, and its goal is to rethink a better way to interact voice and devices

sp therefore also decided to adopt a one arm style. Enser skates said, "before Apple launched the iPhone, the touch interface was not very easy to use. Now people are used to the click interface, and tablet computers and other devices also use this kind of interface. The voice messaging function is the same, and now people are not used to it."

for example, the voice messaging function that Android system can realize now often requires a series of steps: first, the user has to unlock it, then start the SMS application, then select the contact, and then select the function of sending SMS and Voice SMS. Finally, you can start speaking voice messages

Siri is better than this, but zz91 information: there are many aspects of the thermal properties of plastic materials that need to be considered in the hot forming process, and they still need to be opened and pressed

and sonalight can completely operate without holding. Of course, you have to open the sonaright application manually, and then it will run in the background and can be activated at any time. When you want to use it, just say "text by voice" and you can run it

even in hibernation, you can still use the sonaright app. Just say "text by voice" to wake it up, and it will ask you "who do you want to send text messages to?" Then, you tell it the name of the contact, and everything else is left to it without any manual action

in addition, users can set the automatic reply of SMS. Once you receive the SMS, it will automatically read the text for you, and then you can reply by voice immediately

sonalight performed well in the test, at least comparable to Siri in function. This application uses the data and open source technology of Google's embedded speech recognition library, but sometimes proper nouns such as Jill and Joel will be mistaken. However, on the whole, the user experience is very good

if we want to talk about the defect, it is that when the application runs in the background, it will lose power, which is also a problem that sonalight is trying to overcome now

spenser skates said, "the first task is to improve the voice messaging function. Once we achieve a perfect user experience, we will integrate more services, such as email, navigation, maps and yelp services." Does it sound like Siri? However, it will take some time to realize these functions. At present, sonalight's main task is to improve the voice message function

spenser skates explained, "nowadays, many people use voice applications. These applications are full-featured and can do almost anything, but their performance is generally poor."

at present, users have sent more than 350000 SMS using sonlight, and Android users have downloaded more than 40000 times. Bit

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