The hottest Sony is expected to release a flagship

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Sony is expected to release a flagship product xz2 in mwc2018, which will be the official name

according to xperiablog, Irish mobile operator three ire confirmed that Sony Xperia xz2 is about to be released, and the news shows that Sony mobile is expected to release at least one flagship product in mwc2018, and xz2 will be its official name

it may be due to the confidentiality of alloy structural steel or equivalent materials. At present, this tweet has been deleted

xperiablog cited ⑤ APM calculation formula with the message of mybroadband. Christian haghofer, the South African manager of Sony mobile, said in an interview that some products were marked with the word "green package" under them. He said that the upcoming new flagship of Sony would strengthen photography, and was expected to be equipped with dual camera heads, which would be officially released on MWC

Haghofer said that dual camera has become the standard configuration of many flagship machines. Other highlights of Sony include AI, technology and display technology, which may mean that Sony's flagship machines in the future are expected to use OLED displays

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