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Sony launched 16K super large screen display, with a size of more than 780 inches! Or 120fps

at the 2019 nab Exhibition (radio and television equipment exhibition) held in Las Vegas recently, Sony introduced a 16K monitor, and the size of this monitor exceeds 780 inches

this monitor is 17 inches high (about 5.18 meters) and 63 feet wide (about 19.2 meters), so the diagonal is about 65.25 feet. Investigate the reason (about 783 inches). In addition to being large, this monitor is also full of configuration. It has a maximum brightness of 1000 nits and a refresh rate of 120fps

it is worth mentioning that this display adopts Crystal LED technology, which is seamlessly spliced from multiple small screens. The resolution is 16K, that is, 16 times that of 4K, 64 times clearer than the ordinary 1080p display

at present, this is expected to produce 100000 tons of block display. This summit is hosted by the Nanjing Municipal People's government. At the same time, without weakening the performance of the experimental machine, it is placed in the Shiseido research center in Yokohama, Japan, which is very spectacular

I don't know what it feels like to play games with this monitor

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