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Scg-dow Thailand PG plant will undergo a second round of test run

an insider of scg-dow group said on Thursday that after the failure of the first round of test run of seven major petrochemical industrial bases in China last Friday, the company plans to conduct a second round of test run of this 150000 ton/year PG plant in Thailand next week

at the same time, Asian PG manufacturers are also paying close attention to the commissioning of this new device

a South Korean PG manufacturer said that the Thai PG device will have a significant impact on the development of the Asian PG market in the first half of next year, because once Thai products replace American products, Dow Chemical will provide a more competitive price for the market

the PG device is located near the maptaphut Park in Asia, adjacent to another 390000 T/a PO device of scg-dow

industrial grade PG is used in the production of unsaturated polyester resin (upr3, control system: as the name suggests) protective cover, wetting agent, antifreeze, liquid detergent and surface coating cloth

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