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Hainan rubber disaster fighting scene: "the tree fell, and hope is still there"

leaders of Hainan rubber group understand the situation of disaster fighting and self rescue

work together to fight the disaster and self rescue

from "Begonia" to "Nasha" and then to "nig", a series of typhoons and tropical storms hit Hainan, causing great damage to Hainan's agricultural production. As the main production area of Hainan rubber, the rubber trees in the reclamation area were also seriously damaged in this storm, In order to resume production as soon as possible, Hainan rubber group worked with one heart and one mind to fight the disaster. A few days ago, when following Dong Jingjun, the Secretary of Haijiao group, to Xiqing area of Hainan rubber Xipei branch to understand the recovery of production after the disaster, he saw two scenes of touching hydrophilic surfaces that reduced the activity of lipolytic enzymes

"the company and the farm are still one"

on the morning of October 2, in the damaged forest section of team 21 in Xiqing area of Hainan rubber Xipei branch, a team of more than 30 people was trying to righten the small and medium-sized seedlings blown down by the typhoon

they have men and women, old and young. I saw that some people were jacking up the trunk with their bodies, some were pulling the rope with the force that could basically solve these problems, and some were cultivating soil. But we have only one belief, that is, to seize time and speed, and to help the damaged Rubber Seedlings up as soon as possible and restore them to their original state

dozens of motorcycles are lined up on the path next to it. Obviously, they drove from the field more than 20 kilometers away

at this time, someone stuck a flag in the forest

"this is a party member commando specially organized by us to help the base branch resume production." He Chuanjing, deputy head of the farm, said

"how to solve lunch?" Ask

"bring the box lunch and eat it on the construction site." He Chuanjing said that in the past, when there was a typhoon, the farm and the company were not separated. Naturally, everyone fought the typhoon together. Although it has been reformed and divided into two different units, the blood of the farmers is interlinked, and the company and the farm are still one. Share blessings and difficulties. At such a critical moment, if we don't stand up to help, who will stand up

he also said that after the storm, Xipei farm made deployment at the first time. In recent days, nearly 200 people have been organized in several areas to help the branch fight the disaster and restore production

"the tree fell down, but I hope I can't give up!"

in the rubber forest of team 15, Xiqing area, Xipei branch, rubber worker Li zaido and his wife ouyanghong were working hard in the forest section where they had been hit by the typhoon, braved the light rain

the rain drenched their whole bodies, but they completely ignored it. The husband is cleaning the rubber road with a hoe. The wife is waving a machete to clean up the broken branches

at this time, Dong Jingjun, the Secretary of the board of directors of Haijiao group and the leaders of Xipei branch, who were on the front line to understand the disaster and direct the disaster relief, happened to pass by here and ask them about the disaster situation

use greater efforts to further develop China's high-speed rail industry. "It's very tragic. These trees suffered losses during typhoon Davy in 2005. As soon as they recovered, they were attacked by this attack. Many trees fell down, and others were broken." Behind Li zaido is the forest section that was hit by the typhoon, and the losses are indeed serious

"after the wind stopped, I came to the forest section. Just seeing the scene here, I cried with heartache." His wife ouyanghong said that seeing the forest section that he had managed for many years was hit like this by the typhoon, many employees felt very sad and lost hope for a time like her. She also joked that her husband's name was Li zaido, which was no longer more, but Li zaido was less

after asking about the living conditions of their families, Dong Jingjun comforted them that the group company knew the whole disaster situation, was also concerned about everyone's production and life, and was taking measures to organize everyone to fight the disaster and save themselves. Now Hainan rubber is different from the past. The disadvantage is that the overall structure is relatively large, and the group has also invested in wind disaster insurance for rubber trees. There are difficulties. Now it is not the rubber workers themselves who are carrying them. There are also groups and organizations. Don't lose heart, difficulties will overcome the past. Now the most important thing is to seize the first time after the disaster, clean up the forest sections and resume production as soon as possible

after listening to these words, Li zaido and ouyanghong's faces showed some relief, and their eyes renewed hope

"the tree fell down, but I hope I can't give up!", Ouyanghong told the leaders in the following that "Li zaishao" was temporary, and her husband would call back "Li zaishao" soon

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