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Scalpers empty iPhone 4: sell it to second and third tier cities to earn the price difference

customers pay in front of the temporary cashier. Dongfang PAIKE Xiao Wu Tu (picture usage fee 300 yuan)

the night before yesterday, customers queued up at Apple Nanjing East Road store to buy

outside the store, the iPhone bought by scalper was full of handbags. Screenshot

the night before yesterday, a number of Apple retail stores in Shanghai queued up for the 8g white iPhone 4 at 3088 yuan. Although some businesses took emergency measures to limit the purchase of two machines per person, the inventory had been exhausted by noon yesterday, and only a few black models were still in stock

the morning post learned from the survey that not only Shanghai, but also two apple official retail stores in Beijing were snapped up yesterday. At present, all five apple official retail stores in the mainland are out of stock

around 8 p.m. the night before yesterday, many cattle carried a large amount of cash and woven bags to rush to buy iPhone 4 at Apple's official retail store on Nanjing East Road. Due to the large number of buyers, the store can only take emergency measures to limit the purchase of two machines per person, but most scalpers began to queue up again after buying two machines. A long queue soon formed outside the store. On the steps of the pedestrian street outside the door, many scalpers were bundling the queued purchases with cloth bags, and the amazing number provoked many tourists on the pedestrian street to come forward to watch

such rush buying happened again yesterday morning. According to the cleaners and toy sellers on Nanjing East Road, the queue continued until noon until the white iPhone 4 was sold out. The visit found that such a thing is not only the apple store on Nanjing East Road, but also the white iPhone 4 in Huaihai Road store and Lujiazui store was sold out yesterday

it seems that there is no money. A tourist said on Weibo. An apple retail store staff member revealed at work that many scalpers seem to have received some information in advance. They are organized to rush here to buy the white iPhone 4. As long as they have it, they will take it all according to the order, and they can't wait to empty the warehouse in the store

the manager of an apple store in Raffles square told that because the new product will be on the market soon, the iPhone 4 and 4S models on sale have been reduced in price. Among them, the iPhone 4S had been reduced by more than 500 yuan a month ago, while the earlier model iPhone 4 is currently priced at only 3088 yuan

the morning post called two official Apple retail stores in Beijing yesterday and learned that yesterday morning, the black-and-white iPhone 4 in both stores had been snapped up. So far, all five apple official retail stores set up by apple in Chinese Mainland were out of stock on the same day. Apple store employees said there was no news about when iPhone 4 would arrive again

why rush to buy the old model

if it is sold to the second and third tier cities, there will be a profit of at least 300 yuan

as for the abnormal behavior of scalpers' sudden rush to grab old products, an informed Apple employee said that if the 8g iPhone 4 with a reduced price of 3088 yuan is sold to second and third tier cities with absolute quality assurance, the price difference can be earned

the iPhone 4, which was noisy yesterday, received 3088 yuan in Shanghai. In some cities, it can be sold for more than 3400 yuan, with a profit margin of at least 300 yuan. Mr. Lu, a private boss engaged in sales, told that as long as the price can be sold at a good price, even the old models that gradually fade out of the market are still profitable, and the goods will flow from cities with low prices to cities with high prices. It is called cross selling within the industry. In addition to the advantage of factor resources, the behavior of scalpers is not abnormal

boss Lu told that insiders are well aware of the price fluctuations of the national mainstream, and sometimes they also carry out a certain amount of cross selling. For example, Nokia sells cheaper in the mainland than in Shanghai, and scalpers in Shanghai will also purchase from mainland cities and sell to Shanghai

why suddenly rush to buy iPhone 4

it is estimated that production or sales may be stopped during this period

according to parallel merchants in the digital market, iPhone 4 has been discontinued in most parts of the world. It is estimated that the system users in Chinese Mainland can be divided into administrators and experimenters, and may also stop production or sales. A parallel merchant official said that the market has been rumored. From the perspective of one day's sales price, the sales price of yesterday's 8g iPhone 4 has been dozens of yuan higher than the previous day

once the production or sale of this kind of iPhone product is stopped in the market, it is usually rare, and the price will rise by different ranges. IPhone 4 has long been a precedent

when the 16g and 32g iPhone 4 were discontinued, the iPhone 4 began to be out of stock through regular channels, and the price of parallel products also rose higher and higher, resulting in a situation of hard to find one machine. At that time, the price of the discontinued iPhone 4 had fallen to 3900 yuan, but when it was discontinued, it rose back to 4200 yuan, and then even rose all the way to more than 5000 yuan. Parallel merchants said that scalpers hoarding licensed iPhone 4 may be to earn the rising price difference after sales

parallel merchants said that now many scalpers are optimistic about the price rise of iPhone 4. According to his introduction, from the perspective of practice, the machines that have been announced to stop production in previous dynasties will appreciate. If the sales of the new iPhone are not good, and the appreciation of the old products is greater, the price will rise by yuan

why do you prefer white models

there seems to be a difference between white iPhone 4 and black hardware

according to witnesses at the time, most scalpers in Shanghai snapped up white iPhone 4 two days ago. Yesterday afternoon, the clerk at the apple store said that there was still a black iPhone 4 in the store, but no one came to buy it

a parallel seller in sleepless city said that the price of white iPhone 4 machine was higher than that of black machine in unofficial stores

in addition, after disassembling iPhone 4, it enthusiasts said that there seemed to be a difference in hardware between white iPhone 4 and black iPhone 4. Just from the appearance, white iPhone 4 is different from black in the earpiece. Many stations say that white iPhone 4 is thicker than black. However, we found that in terms of hardware, the model of black-and-white camera and the location of proximity sensor are also different

previously, Gizmodo, a well-known foreign popular consumer electronics reporting station, reported that due to the serious shortage of 16g white iPhone 4 accessories in North America, apple provided iPhone 4S hardware replacement for iPhone 4 users with problems. As for whether the mainland region will also be upgraded to 4S for free due to the shortage of white iPhone 4, parallel merchants said that it remains to be seen in the future

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