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The scale creates a world-class global procurement and trade platform, affects the achievement of Guangzhou printing exhibition classic

by WorldExpo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd., Shanghai gray Exhibition Service Co., Ltd., China printing and equipment industry association, Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, flexible printing branch of China Printing Association The four-day 2007 Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition (full name: the 15th Shanghai international advertising printing and packaging paper exhibition) Co hosted by Shanghai Institute of printing technology came to a successful conclusion in Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 6 amid the cheers of the industry

the Confucius Institute in Mongolia has adhered to the Chinese teaching development idea of combining non academic training and academic education for six years since its establishment. This exhibition has a total of 12 pavilions, and the entire exhibition area has reached an unprecedented 120000 square meters. In addition to the requisition of all 9 pavilions in the exhibition hall of Shanghai New International Expo Center, a 6000 square meter comprehensive exhibition hall has been temporarily built outdoors, and the huge exhibition area is enough to go down in history. The layout of the exhibition hall is V-shaped. After entering hall e, there are four halls: E1 (lighting and lighting equipment), E2 (Prepress digital trademark printing), E3 (printing equipment) and E4 (carton printing and packaging equipment); After entering the w hall, they are W1 (International Exhibition Area), W2, 3, 4 (spray painting, photo, zz91 information: 1998 printing, logo and consumables), W5 (exhibition and display of commercial facilities and equipment); Between hall E and hall W, there are also outdoor comprehensive pavilions: J1, J2, J (painting, photo, printing, logo and consumables). The professional exhibition halls have gathered today's leading technologies, equipment and materials, so that the majority of professional visitors, especially overseas visitors, have a better understanding of the overall level of China's advertising, printing and packaging industry and the latest technological and equipment achievements

this exhibition attracted more than 1200 exhibitors from more than 90 countries and regions, and nearly 100000 buyers came to the exhibition site, including 20000 overseas buyers. The American Licensing Association, the European advertising board Association, the Italian advertising industry association, the Asian advertising industry association, and nearly 20 overseas advertising printing and packaging industry associations in China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, as well as Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and other places in China organized a delegation of professional buyers, attended the opening ceremony of this exhibition, and had fruitful exchanges with Chinese counterparts. Leaders of more than 30 packaging and printing associations across the country, including Jiangsu Packaging Technology Association, Zhejiang Packaging Technology Association and Zhejiang printing association, also organized a group to watch the exhibition and came to the scene

the four-day Shanghai Guangyin exhibition has attracted the attention of countless industry insiders. Its prosperous scene, strong popularity and hot trading scene undoubtedly add a raging fire to Shanghai in July, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the business sea and enjoy looking for business opportunities. You can see the hot equipment technology demonstration at any time on the site, and you can come and go for business negotiation. The major exhibitors are very busy, and they are overwhelmed, which can be described as fruitful and fruitful; The audience who attended the exhibition said it was a worthwhile trip. Everyone believed that this year's exhibition had been greatly improved and improved compared with the previous level. Foreign businessmen gathered, and the reasonable arrangement of the exhibition hall made it possible for domestic and foreign audiences to watch and negotiate more effectively and purposefully, so as to achieve the purpose of visiting and find suitable partners

the world's top advertising exhibition, showing the world's latest technology

more than 800 Chinese and foreign exhibitors gathered in the seven advertising exhibition halls, comprehensively displaying and interpreting the latest trends in the development of contemporary advertising technology, displaying cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, and leading the future development of the industry; It fully reflects the new achievements of transforming traditional advertising technology with digital inkjet technology and the integration and evolution of the two; It comprehensively reflects the best solution for the promotion and application of digital processes based on digital ink-jet printing equipment in the advertising field, innovation and value-added, and drives the great development of other engraving equipment, sign and identification material ink, exhibition and display commercial facilities and equipment, led, neon lights, urban lighting technology and equipment and other related industries

digital ink-jet printing technology and equipment reflect the highest international level

at present, the three giants that produce digital ink-jet printing equipment in the world: HP saiangel, Witt, Noel, Epson, Canon, Kodak ENCAD, Roland, Xaar (Searle), nexchen AG, DGI, Yongxiang, etc. launched their latest digital ink-jet printers, photo machines, printers, especially HP saiangel The ultra large format digital UV inkjet lithography machine launched by Witt and other companies as well as Noel and founder electronics can not only realize short version printing, but also directly print on corrugated board and various hard materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, steel, etc., realizing high-precision industrial production, bringing new business opportunities for the digital packaging market and indoor and outdoor advertising market. What is surprising is that a large number of manufacturers with Chinese independent innovation brands, such as aselan, Feiyang, prospective, jinhengfeng, aoyan, runtianzhi, Yunyuan digital, Gongzheng, Taiwei, Haibang, Yingwei, Liyu, Zhongye, Honghua, Yishan, Asia Union Hengye, heimai, Zhenxin, Wanghai, giant deformation units mm, cm, inch Autoscale graph, Jihui, Tianxin, foster and other 75 companies launched their latest fist products to compete with foreign brands. In particular, Shanghai aselan, runtianzhi, Taiwei, jinhengfeng and other companies have launched large format UV tablet machines and coil inkjet machines, which have attracted a large number of buyers and users at home and abroad, and the technical quality can be comparable to that of world-class brands. Through the unremitting efforts of Chinese advertisers, the digital inkjet printing machines made in China have gradually entered the forefront of the world, and through their collective appearances at the 2007 Shanghai Canton printing exhibition and other advertising exhibitions in the world, It is further carrying out close business exchanges with users all over the world

carving technology and equipment are in full bloom, showing Chinese prestige and carving world-class level.

nearly 100 domestic and foreign carving machine manufacturers are in full bloom on the scene, showing their magic powers. Such as Mimaki, Yueming, Dinghong, Boye, Zhongtai, Tongxing, Siwei, Locke, Ruijing creation, Minglong, mcdick, Feiyang, jinhengfeng, Yunyuan, Liyu, Wickman, Guangda, Daheng, Xingyun, kaxing, Hongfan, jinweike, Yinghe, Ruijie, Linhan, creative machinery, Xinluo, xinhuiyou, Jingdiao, Jiachen A large number of engraving machines with independent innovation brands, such as Dahua Shengyi, exhibited the Chinese people's prestige in this field, and carved the world-class level on site. China's engraving machines play an irreplaceable role in many fields such as international indoor and outdoor advertising signs, carpentry, textiles and so on

a hundred flowers of advertising identification materials and inks bloom, showing unlimited business opportunities

suppliers of supporting materials such as light boxes, inkjet cloth consumables, hot and cold laminations, double-sided self-adhesive films, stickers, reflective films, solvents, inks, acrylic plates, etc. from all over the world, including inkjet printers, photo machines, printers, engraving machines, etc., have made a full debut. Domestic and foreign giants 3M, Eli, Lucite UK, Xaar, nexchen Germany Belgium mecote, Mitsubishi Liyang, Nanwei, mingshida, shizhigao, JINDA, Fulai, Dejia, Lecai, eLong, Odyssey, hailide, nolian, Ruichang, NAR, Zhonggang, huarisheng, imj, Berger, Toyo ink, Xinwen, Hongding, Yuxin, weishibai, Yingwei, yingjieda, didAs, Guoshun, Huifeng, giant dragon, Haining global, Shanfu, nex, xusen And other 252 companies have launched their latest products for global advertisers to judge and choose. Domestic and export sales are overwhelmed with sales orders, making buyers come and return satisfied

exhibition and display commercial facilities and equipment are novel and unique, leading the development direction of the international market

exhibition and display commercial facilities and equipment museum shows the highest level in this field in the world today, and reflects the ambition of Chinese enterprises to create world brands in this field. Entering Hall 5, Lingtong, bangmei and style exhibition, Meritor, Zhizheng and other enterprises showed the unique advantages and status of Chinese enterprises in this field. As the most famous brand in this field in China, Lingtong has gone to more than 20 countries in the world and occupied more than half of the domestic market. More than 140 enterprises, including Lingtong, Devon, Lingte, Australia brandstand, rainbow, innovation, bangmei, Hawke, style, Donghua, Tianwei, Tianlang, Yijie, Lianya, Jinshi Yongming, dongfick, Buchner, Cheng Yang, Wei RI, Songmei, zhanyunshi, Xingyue, Ruizhi, AIA Hesheng, Saimei, saikelong, Haina, etc., showed a wide range of the latest exhibition and display commercial facilities and equipment, It provides a unique trade platform for advertising businessmen all over the world, and also opens up the most convenient trade channel for Chinese enterprises to the world

led, neon lights, light boxes, and urban lighting technology and equipment shine brightly, becoming a new development field

after the baptism of the last advertising exhibition, during this exhibition, led, neon lights, light boxes, and urban lighting technology and equipment appeared again in the 2007 Shanghai Canton printing exhibition, with more exhibitors. Suppliers and manufacturers from all countries have also brought the most advanced outdoor advertising technology and the most shocking visual impact to global advertisers. In Japan, akami, Korean exhibition group, feelis, Ge, OSRAM, Grand Canyon, Lampu, Lianchuang Jianhe, Dalian Luming, chuantian, RISHANG, Jinyi, ZHOULEI, jinlixiang, yinghaotian, Aurora, wanta, fanniao, Central Asia neon, everything, CAITONG, palus, true color Shengshi, manatee, Lujing, blueview and other companies have launched the latest developed colorful LED, neon lights, light boxes, urban landscape lighting technology and equipment, Many new technologies and equipment provide the latest visual weapons and equipment for buyers in Shanghai and other cities around the world, which will certainly make the night scene of the city more colorful and make life better

display perfect printing technology, various exhibits bloom

many emerging processes and new materials in the advertising hall attract crowds, and there are also many professional visitors at home and abroad in the printing and packaging exhibition hall. This year's Printing Museum has rich exhibits covering a wide range of products. Including prepress processing system, digital printing and proofing equipment, various offset printing equipment, labels and flexible and gravure printing equipment, various special printing equipment, various packaging and printing equipment, corrugated boxes and mechanical equipment for paper processing and packaging processing, post press, processing, decoration and finishing equipment, various printing consumables such as paper, ink, plate, brief history of printing culture and process display. All these new equipment and materials represent the most advanced technology in the world today, and also represent the development direction of printing in China

Prepress digital trademark printing equipment new technology and new materials compete together

from the E2 hall, we can clearly feel the atmosphere of competition and cooperation between enterprises and between enterprises and users. The world's top equipment has interpreted the wonderful transformation of wide width printing equipment, and also opened up a new Xintiandi of digital printing technology. Both canon and Konica Minolta showed the latest development technology of color business office on their own booths, but these two operations are automated, which makes people feel its infinite charm and enables its customers to be in a favorable position in the fierce market competition, because

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