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Schneider Electric's "2013 truck Tour" has resumed its journey

recently, Schneider electric energy efficiency China's 2013 truck tour, a global energy efficiency management expert, resumed its journey. As an important part of Schneider Electric's annual large-scale experience, the Schneider Electric Data Center truck tour with the theme of focusing on business and driving the future was launched synchronously. On the basis of the successful holding last year, this year's data center truck tour will go deep into the regional market, covering 41 cities in 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country. It will last for six months. The journey is tiring. For inexperienced people, it seems to be an impossible task, with a total of 30000 kilometers. While landing in the eastern coastal areas, the mobile experience center of the data center will continue to go deep into key cities in the west, bringing Schneider Electric's leading data center management concept to customers, so that customers can experience the overall solution of Schneider Electric's data center in a zero distance and all-round way

the combination of energy conservation and emission reduction and the integration of industrialization and industrialization has become the main topic of the 12th Five Year Plan; At the same time, with the rise of IOT, the boom of cloud computing and big data era is constantly promoting the development of IT technology, which puts forward new requirements for the planning, construction and operation of data centers. How to calmly deal with the characteristics of the fast and heat insulation strip tensile testing machine hardware in the era of big data: the challenges brought by massification and diversification to the data center, helping the data center truly realize green and safe interaction, the interweaving of technology and business, the intersection of quantity and speed after 3 and 14 days of cultivation, and the integration of life mode and business mode have become the focus of attention of many domestic customers

Dr. Huang CHENHONG, senior vice president of Schneider Electric worldwide and President of APC Greater China, said: as a leading energy efficiency management expert in the world, Schneider Electric has advanced technology and innovative ideas. We hope that through the truck tour, customers and partners in more regions across the country can intuitively experience the full life cycle solutions of Neder electric data center, serve domestic customers with our global experience, jointly cope with the challenges of the big data era, and truly realize the sharp decline in imported equipment, focus on business, and drive the future

2013 marks the 10th anniversary of the release of InfraStruxure Yingfei integrated system, and the fully upgraded struxureware data center management platform version 2.0 has been officially launched. Through the Schneider Electric Data Center truck tour, customers and partners will intuitively experience Schneider Electric's ecostruxure energy efficiency management platform, which integrates professional experience in five business areas: power, building, industry, data center and security management, as well as solutions throughout the entire life cycle of the data center

during the half year national tour, Schneider Electric will not only invite local customers and partners to visit the mobile experience center of data center solutions, but also hold special seminars in 26 cities, inviting senior industry experts and technical elites to share with guests the cutting-edge trends and best practices of China's cloud computing data center

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