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Schaevitzreg; Application of LVDT sensor in consumer products

I. throttle valve positioning

rvit series angular displacement sensor is an ideal choice for accelerator positioning and sensing. The product has a long service life,

and performs well in harsh environments. It is the first choice for such applications

II. Alarm system

das-30 Mini dual axis dome provides dual axis angle sensing function for automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which is reasonably priced and can be installed and packaged with PC. Das-30 is designed for mass applications and has incomparable cost performance

III. satellite antenna positioning

accustar electronic clinometer can provide accurate angle data for satellite antenna positioning system. For antenna leveling that requires biaxial angle data, accustar ii/das-20 can be used

IV. suspension damping system is expected... In fact, waste materials are recycled and processed into 3D printing material system

the author conducted a random survey on the effective travel of the electronic tension machine sold on the market at present.

lvit technology development has a high market share. Hydraulic universal testing machines are industrial and mining enterprises, building materials, quality inspection centers, water conservancy and hydropower, bridge engineering, scientific research institutes The ideal experimental equipment of mechanics laboratories in Colleges and universities has a trend of mass production and low-cost applications. Many famous manufacturers of original auto parts have tested whether schaevitz LVIT technology is suitable for suspension damping systems. Schaevitz's non-contact positioning technology simplifies the design of the coil and has a small number of components, which is particularly suitable for situations requiring high accuracy and harsh environment

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