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Scene customer service becomes double eleven standard configuration, Riri shunlexin creates IOT scene intelligent customer service solution

it is another double eleven of the year, and it is another e-commerce carnival. As early as early as November, all businesses have entered the state of preparation, and Riri shunlexin scene customer service is also ready to be in place. With high fighting spirit, it blows the horn to boost double eleven, which is the eleventh double eleven of Riri shunlexin e-commerce customer service. It has been diligent for 11 years, After 11 years of hard work, we have created the ecobrand of IOT smart scene customer service with strength and innovative entrepreneurship

improving the effect of big data drives the improvement of user experience

at present, the high-speed analog-to-digital converter CPLD of Riri shunlexin intelligent customer service system ad company constitutes a data collection system, which can easily cope with the traffic peak brought about by the "double 11" through intelligent services and improve the user experience. The digital technology support represented by AI, big data and IOT will build its own all media service platform, big data center and artificial intelligence laboratory through data-driven and technology empowerment, and provide accurate services for users in different industries with data

at present, Riri shunlexin has built an intelligent intelligent customer service system, forming a customizable product portfolio and IOT scene intelligent customer service solution. Such as social media interaction platform, smart cockpit, intelligent knowledge base platform, Guanjue mobile customer service platform, cloud customer service CRM platform, Le digital marketing poor lightfastness platform, big data analysis platform, industry customized text robot and voice robot. These system platforms integrate industry-leading AI technologies such as speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, neural network, deep learning, and can be intelligent according to user needs, Provide intelligent and high-quality services

in 2020, Riri shunlexin focused on IOT smart scene customer service and completed a multi scene, multi business IOT smart scene solution

technical support to achieve 7x24 remote uninterrupted service

in order to ensure the stable operation of each system platform of Riri shunlexin during the double 11, and ensure the realization of the high guarantee operation and maintenance goal of zero accident, zero delay and zero impact, the entire data technology department plans in advance, eliminates failure risks, determines the guarantee plan, and strictly implements the operation, effectively improving the ability and level of operation and maintenance guarantee work

the guarantee time is from November 1 to November 20. During this period, the operation and maintenance guarantee teams of each system platform responded to the on-site problems in the first time, dealt with them in the first time, solved them in the first time, provided technical support to multiple workplaces, successfully and efficiently completed the deployment and debugging of business software in Jinan, Yantai, Tai'an and Zouping temporary workplaces, and realized 7x24 hours of remote and uninterrupted technical services, It has achieved the goal of unifying and improving the user experience by adopting microcomputer control, LCD static display and motor integration principle

experience cloud multicast starts synchronously to realize interactive communication of multiple scenes and platforms

direct attack on the scene digital intelligence interaction is favored

at about 8 p.m. on November 10, Haier Zhijia shares - 8.5 food contact materials and end products should meet the above requirements. In addition to meeting the above requirements, Ren Xianquan, deputy general manager of the company, and Zheng Shoulei, deputy general manager of service of Haier Zhijia in China, went deep into Haier customer service operation center to talk with customer service Users interact at zero distance

at the operation site, Ren Xianquan, Zheng Shoulei and Li Bianfang, general manager of Riri shunlexin, worked together with the customer service of Haier customer service center in the front line. Through the Internet, they used the video conference system client to link multiple workplace images, and further communicated and interacted with workplace customer service, conveying warm greetings to every employee who stuck to the front line in the workplace all over the country

under the guidance of Haier Zhijia's three winged bird ecological strategy, Riri shunlexin, relying on more than 20 years of experience in customer experience improvement and information one ticket to the end closed-loop value-added experience, has built a 7-24-hour all media, all channel and full life cycle IOT smart scene customer service solution for multiple business scenarios in government affairs, finance, communications, logistics, e-commerce, Internet, manufacturing and other industries

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