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Big! Field! noodles! The largest tonnage horizontal directional drill XCMG xz13600 helps the Sino Russian "Fuehrer project"

big! Field! noodles! The largest tonnage horizontal directional drilling XCMG xz13600 helps the Sino Russian "head of state project"

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who makes oil and gas 1422mm large-diameter pipe construction possible? Who has successfully solved the problem of supporting equipment for crossing rivers and other chokepoints in the construction of national strategic channels? Who made XCMG shine again in the national construction of the "the Belt and Road"

it is the world's largest tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig XCMG xz13600

the leaders of China and Russia jointly witnessed the commissioning and ventilation ceremony of the China Russia east line natural gas pipeline. The picture is from Xinhua

the first show is the big scene. XCMG xz13600 horizontal directional drilling's first show stage is the trenchless construction project of China Russia east line natural gas pipeline. The project is a major project of the "the Belt and Road", which was promoted by the leaders of China and Russia with great foresight. This project is also known as the "project of the head of state" and the "century project of Sino Russian cooperation" between China and Russia. The whole pipeline is preliminarily planned to be completed in 2023. At present, some lines have been put into operation for ventilation

01 King alliance maximum caliber + maximum tonnage

the project adopts 1422mm caliber for the first time. After completion, the project will be the largest single natural gas long-distance pipeline project in the world, which can stably supply natural gas resources to the northeast, Bohai rim, Yangtze River Delta and other regions. This is also the first pipeline in the history of pipeline in China to fully realize the localization of key equipment and core control system

aerial photos of the construction site of the Heihe section of the China Russia east gas pipeline are from visual China

key equipment has been localized, including XCMG xz13600 horizontal directional drilling rig

XCMG xz13600 horizontal directional drilling rig

XCMG xz13600 is the world's largest tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig. 1. Self locking: self locking is generally inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency. Using a multi engine, multi pump power combination system, it can achieve an ultra-high push-pull of 13600kn and ensure the efficiency of power output at different construction stages. The largest caliber of 1422mm in China meets the largest tonnage, and XCMG xz13600 is strong when it meets the strong. It has completed its first show with extraordinary construction performance

The domestic construction section assisted by XCMG xz13600 is the crossing project of Shuanglong River in Caofeidian, Tangshan, Hebei Province. The project is located on the seashore, with high mineralization of groundwater, uneven formation hardness and softness, and the construction site is located in breeding areas and salt farms, so the requirements for environmental protection are strict. Large hole diameter reaming, long-distance crossing and coastal complex ground construction all put forward strict requirements for the installation of hydraulic universal testing machine due to its high power to weight ratio. 2. Technical specifications of double head grinder

facing the big scene with a crossing distance of 750 meters and a pipe diameter of 1422 mm, it is difficult. XCMG xz13600 completed the construction within half a month, and it took only 4 hours to tow the pipe. The construction of this section has been completed in October 2019

XCMG xz13600 construction in Caofeidian

without diamond, you can't do porcelain work. XCMG xz13600's high efficiency makes it continue to challenge the pipeline construction of China Russia east line natural gas pipeline project with a diameter of 1422mm and a crossing distance of 1650 meters. All these cannot be without the strong support of XCMG construction method: because the pipe diameter is large, the one-time back dragging construction risk is high. XCMG adopts the intelligent combination resistance reduction method, and the perfect construction method helps XCMG meet the new needs of the automotive industry. The maximum construction tension is 180 tons, and the construction tension is basically stable at about 100 tons, adding to the first show of XCMG xz13600

with the successful application of XCMG xz13600, XCMG xz3600, xz5000, xz6600 and other large-scale intelligent equipment have also participated in the construction of China Russia east line, Nippon Luozhou crude oil pipeline and Qingning gas transmission pipeline. XCMG medium and large tonnage horizontal directional drilling rigs provide more solutions to ensure the strategic allocation of energy such as oil and natural gas

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