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On October 26, the first Suzhou printing industry exhibition opened in Suzhou, on the Bank of Taihu Lake. The whole exhibition center was crowded with excellent local printing enterprises, printing equipment manufacturing and distribution enterprises in 17 provinces and cities in China, as well as people from inside and outside the industry who came to visit. As a worker in the printing industry, it is also the first time to have a close contact with Suzhou printing

The exhibition hall on the second floor of Suzhou printing industry exhibition, which is at the forefront of the industry, is an important part of this exhibition. More than 200 excellent printing enterprises in Suzhou are displayed in ten exhibition areas according to administrative regions. Although the area of each exhibition using the wind path switching method to introduce the test object is not large, the enterprise philosophy and product characteristics of each enterprise are very prominent and distinctive. Both "insiders" in the industry and visitors outside the industry can get the information they need. The exhibition stands in several areas are eye-catching, such as Kunshan, Changshu, Wujiang and Zhangjiagang. They show the audience a unified image, striking and impressive. In this regard, xuchunhua, director of the printing and reproduction Department of Suzhou Publishing Bureau, further introduced the current situation of Suzhou's printing industry. The local printing industry has developed rapidly with the rapid development of Suzhou's economy, especially the packaging printing industry, which is associated with manufacturing industry, has made rapid progress in recent years. In 2005, the city had 2256 printing enterprises, accounting for 23% of Jiangsu Province; The output value of printing industry is 18.5 billion yuan, accounting for 56.7% of the total in the province; 142 foreign-invested printing enterprises, accounting for 61% of Jiangsu Province; There are 83000 printing employees

Director Xu proudly said in 2007 that Suzhou printing industry has basically established an industrial system with complete categories, advanced equipment and standardized management. It has considerable competitiveness in technical equipment, printing quality, operation and management, industrial scale, supporting services and so on, and is in a leading position in Jiangsu Province and the country. The exhibition, led by the Suzhou Publishing Bureau, first aims to show the overall strength of Suzhou's printing industry to the outside world and add strength to creating a charming Suzhou; Second, attract more investors and partners to Suzhou to jointly find new ways to make profits and new economic growth points

the two printing enterprises play the Pearl exhibition lobby

once entering the exhibition hall gate, the super large booth of Suzhou Printing Factory Co., Ltd. and Cai's enterprise attracted the attention of many visitors with high-tech standards. Many audiences joked that this was the second dragon's play of Suzhou printing enterprises

Cai's enterprise on the right side of the lobby is a private enterprise. Cai longlong, the 67 year old head of the enterprise, said that his enterprise has three companies, all of which were cultivated by him. Now he is busy being a "Superman" in the Asian printing industry. Among the three enterprises, Suzhou Dongyi packaging printing has a broader market prospect. Several equipment introduced by brush Co., Ltd. filled the gap of such equipment in Asia. The huge printed works displayed attracted the appreciation and comments of batch after batch of visitors. According to the old man, these works are the masterpieces of his treasures - Roland r900xl super large format 4-color full UV offset press, Agfa tianlongxing VLF super large format CTP direct plate making system, HP saiangel Kejie hp-sci-texfb6700 color digital printer. The old man was very happy about this exhibition. He said that this was an opportunity to enhance the corporate image and communicate with the industry

Suzhou Printing Factory Co., Ltd. is a very successful enterprise in the restructuring of state-owned enterprises. Their appearance this time, in the form of acousto-optic and product display, no longer gives people the impression of lethargy. According to director xuchunhua, after a series of reforms, Suzhou printing factory has strengthened its enterprise strength and has very flexible ideas. It is a major representative of Suzhou printing industry

in fact, the rapid development of high technology in Suzhou's printing industry has only shown a small part in the exhibition hall, but this small part has already amazed the people who came to the exhibition

two way selection on the exhibition site

another feature of this printing exhibition is the on-site recruitment and resume launch. It is reported that this form of enterprise display and on-site recruitment of enterprise employees is the first in China. This has also attracted many relevant people and college students of related majors to come to explore the employment market. According to the preliminary statistics of the organizer, this on-site recruitment activity provided more than 600 jobs

in the exhibition hall on the first floor, Zhang keqiu, director of the student Department of Beijing Institute of printing, also specially came to the printing exhibition with dozens of students. He said that he would actively participate in every exhibition. On the one hand, schools need to promote themselves. In addition, with the increase of printing graduates and the limited demand for talents by large domestic enterprises, they believe that they should better tell everyone the advantages of schools and students through various exhibitions. In addition, Suzhou's economy and culture are developing rapidly, and the printing industry is so developed that recommending talents to printing enterprises here is a good platform for enterprises and students

talent recruitment posters were posted at the booths of many famous enterprises in Suzhou: Caishi enterprise, meikele plate making printing Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jiahe Paper Co., Ltd., Suzhou Pacific Printing Co., Ltd. Cailonglong, a Caishi enterprise, revealed to cailonglong that at present, because the imported top-level equipment is just in place, it is in great need of more skilled and skilled talents to join

Director xuchunhua also introduced that compared with traditional job fairs, candidates can have a detailed understanding of the candidate enterprise at the exhibition site, and can fully understand the enterprise products and corporate culture. On the spot of recruitment activities, relevant professional intermediary agencies provide relevant services. Local and foreign job seekers can enter the site free of charge with their relevant valid certificates

equipment demonstration and lectures are carried out in parallel

equipment demonstration and lectures are the characteristics of many printing exhibitions. The first Suzhou printing industry exhibition also drew on this international model to make the exhibition colorful and meaningful

in the exhibition hall of printing machinery and equipment, printing equipment manufacturers from 17 provinces and cities participated in the exhibition. For a regional exhibition, it is surprising that so many equipment manufacturers, especially domestic well-known equipment manufacturers such as Shanghai Guanghua and Shanghai Ziguang, participate in it. It can be seen that the printing industry in Suzhou plays an important role in the whole industry

at the gate of the exhibition hall, a large exhibition board is impressively erected. It is undoubtedly a huge business opportunity to list the three-day activities and lectures of the exhibition one by one. Heidelberg, Komori and founder of Peking University have launched their own information release and technical lectures. The salon of Suzhou meikele plate making printing Co., Ltd. has attracted the audience in the industry. Yu Xiaofan, the boss of the enterprise, is a very promising woman. She has worked for many years, especially in plate making. Her theme salon activities added many bright colors to this exhibition

on October 28, the exhibition ended. This exhibition, with the purpose of serving enterprises and society, centered on enterprise exhibition and centered on equipment exhibition, fully displayed and publicized the fruitful achievements of the development of printing industry in Suzhou, built a bridge between printing enterprises and upstream and downstream institutions of printing production chain, and also showed the strength and confidence that Suzhou will build the core area of printing base in the growth triangle

source: China Publishing News

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