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Scania will launch Euro V engine, which adopts EGR Technology

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Mr. Hasse Johansson, vice president of Scania group and responsible for product research and development, announced in January that the company will start to launch its new engine platform that meets the Euro V standard in 2007. On these new engines, Scania adopts EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) technology, which can meet the Euro V emission standard without any subsequent treatment devices. Weiner claims that drivers or gas station staff do not need to add any additives or install other additional devices on the vehicle when refueling with this technology

Hasse Johansson said that Scania will launch a new series of EGR Euro V engines and a new Scania xpi common rail fuel injection system, which will open a new beginning for long-distance transportation trucks

two years ago, Scania, as a well-known heavy truck manufacturer in the industry, took the lead in launching its first Euro IV standard engine with EGR Technology, such as higher permeability, better heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties

so far, Scania has the ability to launch a full range of engines with EGR Technology and scr2 (selective catalytic reduction) technology that meet Euro IV and Euro V standards

the practical application of concrete admixture in Euro IV and Euro V engines shows that truck and bus operators mostly choose EGR Technology, because it is more convenient for most users to use vehicles with this technology

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