The hottest scene of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo,

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Sany excavator dances in the square dance on the site of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo

Sany excavator dances in the square dance on the site of the Fourth Asia Europe Expo

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during the Fourth Asia Europe Expo, Sany exhibition area is always the most popular, especially at 11:00 and 16:00 every day, when the equipment performance show begins, the popularity on site is bursting. This year, the equipment performance was upgraded again, adding extreme elements, and there was a square dance

the main "actors" of the performance show are three Sany star excavators, two sy75c small excavators and one sy215 medium excavators, of which sy75c-9 excavators have been the top seller of excavators of the same tonnage for three consecutive years. Usually, they stop quietly on the display floor and look no different from other exhibits. But when the music sounded and the excavators on the side big screen began to turn into robots, their warm-up movement also began

moving forward is a simple preparatory activity. Walking on one side shows the drift skill. Then, the excavator does not forget to extend its "arm" to say hello to the audience. After twisting its waist in place and stretching its "dance" posture, the excavator plays Taijiquan again, and finally lifts the extreme sports performer to do the air Weiya action. After the one-sided walking and synchronous rotation R & D center is completed, the chassis is lifted up and the waist is twisted in place. Every action of Sany excavator surprised the audience on site. Finally, Sany excavator and the performers jumped up "Sany style", and the performance ended

"this performance show mainly reflects Sany's dream of rebuilding the silk road." The relevant person in charge of Sany Exhibition Department interpreted that the performance staff wearing "little bee clothes" means that Sany people are smart and hardworking, and sany has brought this spirit to the Asia Europe Expo

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