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Scancontrol 2800 laser triangulation technology

the laser triangulation sensor used to measure the linear distance from the sensor to the target has been used for more than ten years. Due to the combination of digital electronic devices and high-power digital signal processor (DSP), the laser is no longer so sensitive to the target color, texture, surrounding environment, ambient light and temperature changes, Laser triangulation technology has been developed

in almost the same time, visual cameras have appeared in the market, which are used to detect the direction of labels, detect surface defects, and recently to measure the specific characteristics of parts, such as aperture, groove gap, or channels on machined (formed) parts. Many visual camera manufacturers and system supporting manufacturers deployed in accordance with the central economic work conference and the national industrial and information work conference try to extend the visual camera detection principle to the field of measurement. However, for other features, such as the height of steps, the shape of extrusion contour and the volume of processed products, as well as the positioning and guidance of robots, it is still a difficult task to measure with a visual camera

step height measurement

laser triangulation can provide good resolution for step height measurement, determining the contour shape of extruded products, and robot positioning and control. However, even this measurement method has its limitations, because the point size of the laser sensor is very small, which means that multiple sensors are required, so this solution is both complex and expensive

combining laser triangulation sensor with a controller, two-dimensional data can be obtained from a straight line. However, this triangulation sensor should be able to produce a straight line instead of a point, and this controller should be able to output the distance value across the straight line. The limitation of these systems lies in their large size, and there are moving parts in the sensor head, which are easy to be damaged due to vibration and impact

scancontrol 2800 sensor developed by micro epsilon can overcome these limitations. The system is equipped with a solid-state laser linear projection device without moving parts. It has been tested for impact and vibration according to ISO standards, and can withstand 15g and 2G impact and vibration respectively

scancontrol 2800/2810

because the sensor is based on laser triangulation, it can be used to perform measurement tasks according to the absolute measurement principle. The sensor data output is carried out along the firewrie interface and is based on the FireWire protocol of the visual camera. Therefore, users will find it very simple to connect with its interface

no visual problems

because this technology is not based on the principle of visual camera, there are no traditional problems that will be encountered when the visual camera is set. Its features are as follows:

(1) lighting - scancontrol-2800 functions like a micro epsilon laser triangulation sensor, and the intensity of light can be adjusted each time the measurement is made without averaging or filtering. No external lighting source or uniform lighting source is required. The sensor can work on outdoor vehicles or in factories without environmental light source protection

(2) distance from the camera lens to the target - the depth of field of scancontrol2800 can reach 250mm (Z coordinate), and the straight line length is 150mm (Y coordinate). As long as it is within this measurement window, the target can be accurately measured. The visual camera requires the target to be placed repeatedly in front of the reading lens

(3 a counting device is installed on the cylindrical gear) measuring speed - conventional camera systems and some other triangulation systems generally can only run at the speed of 50 frames per second. Scancontrol2800 is equipped with high-speed CMOS matrix elements and a very powerful DSP, so the speed can be increased to 4000 sides/s. In this way, the market is an effective way to test products. The high-speed measurement rate enables it to be applied to various purposes, such as high-speed robot positioning and control, real-time measurement of extrusion contour, bead, weld contour, and volume calculation

(4) system accuracy - scancontrol 2800 is a device with absolute measurement principle. The accuracy expressed is in microns, not in pixel or sub-pixel resolution. For most target surfaces, the resolution can be as low as 10um. The resolution on the X coordinate can be selected from 64, 128, 256, 512 and 1024 points. Combining the resolution on the X coordinate with the specially customized straight-line length can obtain the resolution required by the user. (end)

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