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Quzhou's first low-carbon low-temperature corrugated production line settled in

this set of low-carbon low-temperature corrugated production line is praised as a new breakthrough by experts of the National Industry Association for its low energy consumption, low emission and other characteristics

at 1:00 p.m. on April 28, the golden carton factory in Kecheng District, located in Kecheng Donggang Industrial Park, sounded a rumble. Three or five operators clicked the computer control panel, and the experimental force ranged from 20n (3) to 00kn. Some loaded the web paper into the machine. After nearly 100 meters of curing track, a piece of cardboard required by Jiangshan customers was automatically offline

printing, slotting and indentation, The whole production process has not only realized the whole process tracking by computer, but more importantly, the technology of low-carbon cold setting (low temperature) corrugated production line has passed the type identification of the national industry association and other expert groups. Wu Jingang, the person in charge of the enterprise, is proud to tell us that there are only 6 similar production lines in China, including one in Yiwu, our province. In order to introduce this set of equipment, his enterprise spent more than 6million yuan, plus auxiliary facilities, with a total investment of more than 8million yuan. In August last year, the enterprise settled in Donggang Kecheng Industrial Park, and began to install new equipment. The commissioning has been completed this month

Jiangshan's order of 10000 pieces of cardboard can be completed in one day. Wujingang introduced that at present, this production line can produce 20000 square meters of products every day. With the staff becoming more familiar with the operating procedures and the improvement of the running in degree of the machine, the daily production capacity can reach 40000 to 50000 square meters

the corrugated board production line is a flow operation line composed of web base paper through the processes of pressing corrugated, gluing, bonding and shaping, paper separation and pressing, horizontal cutting into specification boards, and finally stacking and output. Chenxirong, Deputy Secretary General of the paper packaging Committee of China Packaging Federation, frankly said: China's corrugated packaging industry is an industry with large scale, high energy consumption and large pollution sources. As the low-carbon economy has become a global revolution, the promotion and application of cold setting technology has reduced industrial costs, low carbon, energy saving, green and environmental protection, which is in line with the packaging circular economy and sustainable development

zhuqingdong, inventor of low-carbon low-temperature corrugated molding production line, began to study this technology 20 years ago when verifying the compliance of food contact materials. On January 24 this year, he introduced at the production line finalization conference held in our city: the low-carbon low-temperature corrugated board production line does not use boilers, gas and oil furnaces for heating, which avoids pollution, and saves 3.5% of paper consumption year-on-year, reducing costs. Based on an enterprise with an annual output of 20million square meters, 1500 tons of coal (equivalent to RMB 1.5 million-2million yuan) can be saved in a year. Calculated as 16 hours per day, 2000 kwh of electricity can be saved per day, and RMB 700000 yuan can be saved per year. Therefore, it is praised as a new breakthrough in the international corrugated industry by experts such as chenxirong, Deputy Secretary General of the China packaging joint paper Committee, zhangyaoquan, President of the Provincial Packaging Technology Association, xuweihong, Vice Minister of science and technology of China Packaging Corporation, and will undoubtedly trigger a new revolution in the paper packaging industry

wujingang is a native of Changzhu village, Huangtankou Township, Qujiang District. He worked as a teacher after graduating from university. He started his business in the 1990s, but he has only been in the packaging industry for more than six years. Previously, he rented land to run a cardboard factory in Wantian Township, quhua and Kecheng district. He asked why he spent a lot of money to introduce this advanced technology and complete sets of equipment? Wujingang frankly said that he was optimistic about the prospects of our city and the surrounding markets: Quzhou is not only a big citrus City, but also has a market share of nearly 200million yuan per year for fruit packaging cartons; In recent years, the city's industrial development has accelerated, and the number of cartons required has also increased day by day. For example, Kaishan group, we have to do more than 1million yuan of business every year

in addition, the sales radius of paperboard is 100-200 km. Hangzhou, Shaoxing and other places have greater demand, and we have set our next market targets in these two places. Wujingang said that the elimination of high energy consumption and high pollution equipment as soon as possible and the launching of technologies and equipment in line with the direction of industrial development can not only enable enterprises to reach a new level, but also reduce production costs and win the initiative in the market competition- Link

a ton of standard coal can produce 3.7 tons of carbon dioxide after burning in oxygen. The Chinese government announced not long ago that it will strive to complete the elimination of high energy consumption equipment such as industrial boilers, kilns and motors, fans and pumps within three to five years

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