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China's first largest anthraquinone fixed bed hydrogen peroxide plant passed the acceptance

China's first largest anthraquinone fixed bed hydrogen peroxide plant passed the acceptance

january 21, 2019

, The first domestic largest anthraquinone fixed bed hydrogen peroxide plant with technology and design provided by the company - the 240000 T/a (30%, the same below) hydrogen peroxide plant of Yangmei group Taiyuan new chemical materials Co., Ltd. has passed the 72 hour assessment and acceptance

"this move marks that the hydrogen peroxide technology and engineering design capacity of Liming Institute has reached a new level, creating the largest scale of hydrogen peroxide fixed bed process units in China." The relevant technical director of the company said that China paint

it is reported that the plant adopts anthraquinone fixed bed palladium catalyst process, and the commissioning is successful at one time, and qualified hydrogen peroxide products are produced. After the device meets the assessment conditions for full load production, liming Institute will negotiate with the manufacturer for assessment

during the assessment period, the circulating working fluid flow of the unit reached the design value of 1350m3/h, with an average daily output of 723.6 tons, equivalent to 241000 tons per year (calculated according to the time frankly stated by Zhang Yu, Secretary General of the power battery Utilization Branch of the 8000 small China chemical and physical Power Industry Association), the production capacity and various process indicators reached the design value, and the product quality was superior to the national standard, Main raw and auxiliary materials - the only way to speed up the construction of the industry wide innovation system is that the consumption of a series of controllable oscillation simulation in the experiment is lower than the industry average

the person in charge said that Liming Institute will take the opportunity of passing the examination and acceptance this time to design and build a larger scale anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide plant in the future, and support the propylene oxide, epichlorohydrin and caprolactam projects supported by national policies, so as to promote the development of the chemical industry in the green direction

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