32. The decoration effect drawing in pingbopu styl

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Gorgeous colors, formal alienation, entertainment tendency, popular popular interest, bold ideas show novel beauty. The following editor introduces the decoration effect drawing of 32 square meters small house, boldly adopting pop style to meet your personalized pursuit

at the moment you enter the door, you may be shocked by the gorgeous color matching of this 32 square meter small family home. The rose red space background wall brightens people's eyes and establishes the warm and romantic style of the space at the same time. In the decoration design effect drawing, on the right hand side of the door is a black shoe cabinet with flower and bird pattern cabinet door, which is classical and beautiful and unique. Exquisite decorations are placed on the shoe cabinet, further improving the artistic beauty of the space. Next to the shoe cabinet is the bathroom, which is surrounded by glass, which is quite transparent

the chocolate colored European style sofa is small and exquisite, does not occupy space, but it is very stylish and comfortable. The matching small tea table with the same color is elegant and full of classical beauty. In the effect drawing of small house decoration design, the kitchen is behind the sofa, the white overall cabinet is in an L-shaped layout, and the skirt belt in the middle of the background wall decorated with white tiles is decorated with colorful small tiles, creating a rich sense of visual hierarchy

walk inward along the living room. Near the wall is a small work area. The lake blue table is simple and elegant. The design of this colorful collage chair is unique and creative. The place directly opposite the table is the bedroom. Although the bedroom is small, it is very distinctive and beautiful in personality. The black and white wallpaper pasted on the background wall of the bedroom, the gorgeous decorative paintings on the brown simple shelf, and the colorful bedding on the bed in the small apartment decoration effect picture are very eye-catching, showing the novel and gorgeous style of pop style





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