Vintage bedding to create a retro home style

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The Pearl White Retro bed matches with the same classical white furniture, laying a clean and simple tone in the bedroom. The bedding pattern with gorgeous color lightness is themed with flowers and young leaves. Pink and light green alternate with each other, presenting a regular lace shape. The layout is exquisite and regular, which not only reveals the beauty, but also adds a bit of elegance. Fresh bedding can be matched with pure color round carpets and other decorations, which is more suitable for decorating with bright colored flowers

bedding details: the bedding is mainly white, using exquisite printing technology, and choosing flowers and grass patterns with light and bright watercolor effect as the decorative theme. Rose powder, emerald green, bright yellow and other colors all show the bright and beautiful feeling of spring. The pattern adopts a bright and refined layout, which is decorated with straight lace or corners. The area is small, delicate and elegant. Excellent workmanship can be seen at the rounded edge of pillowcases and other places

bedside view: in the bedroom full of elegant atmosphere, it can be matched with a small and elegant armchair. The chair should preferably have a shape similar to the bed and retro decoration. The color of the chair is still dominated by light colors, such as light gouache printing patterns, which are elegant and exquisite. Choose the same beautiful cushion with lace decoration to put on it to increase its comfort

the gentle and retro white never competes for beauty. It sets off other bright colors with an elegant posture, making it more vivid and expressive. Light blue and light pink bedding with sky blue square blanket laid the blue mood of the bedroom and brought a refreshing feeling by the lake in spring. With pink flowers and decorations, it highlights the coolness and comfort of spring

bedding details: the light and bright embossed pattern not only lays the tone of the bedroom, but also determines the expression of spring. Abstract jacquard patterns are arranged continuously in four directions, covering the surface of the bedding, with dark purple, pink, blue and other colors in the middle to distinguish and emphasize. Pillowcases are divided into the same decorative patterns and simple blue, which match the quilt face. The edges are treated with rose round edges, which are solid and exquisite

bedside scenery: the association of lake scenery always makes people want to experience the feeling of leisure. The single sofa with light blue details has a full outdoor flavor. The white fabric material enables it to be harmoniously configured in the bedroom space with exquisite patterns and light blue, and adds a sense of clarity to the space. The light colored butterfly patterns on the cushion and the lower decoration add to the taste of life




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