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After a renovation, the house is messy and messy. At this time, it is necessary to open up wasteland and clean it. The so-called land reclamation and cleaning generally refers to the first comprehensive cleaning of the new house after decoration, cleaning up the construction waste, building materials waste, wall and ground dust left by decoration. It can be seen that opening up wasteland and cleaning up are not easy. Land reclamation and cleaning can be cleaned by yourself, of course, you can also ask a professional cleaning company to do it. How does the stinky family clean up? Let's have a look

generally, when the home is almost decorated, some cleaning company people will probe into your door from time to time and ask: do you need cleaning? We have two cleaning companies quoted prices before laying the floor, one for 150 yuan and one for 120 yuan. The so-called complete set mainly includes the ground dust collection before laying the floor, the wall and floor cleaning after laying the floor (especially the bathroom and kitchen), and the window cleaning. We chose the one for 120 yuan. To be cautious, pay 50 for the first vacuum cleaner and 70 for the second overall cleaning. In fact, we are interested in the cleaning company, that is, its high-power vacuum cleaner

P & G basically has no aunt, but a teenage boy, who feels like child labor. They work fast, but also rough, so I feel that they are only surface cleaning, with no real effect. In addition to vacuuming and cleaning the glass before laying the floor, we really need to work twice

Chairman Mao taught us: do it yourself to have plenty of food and clothing

in fact, in the final analysis, we also need to do a good job of minor hygiene by ourselves. It is not enough to do hygiene only with two hands. It is better to equip ourselves with some tools. Let me list the tools we use:

1, a good mop

we choose 3M, which is very easy to use. The key is that it can rotate freely, wipe the edges of the skirting board, and drag the sofas and under the furniture. Generally, the mop cannot be stuffed in

this Shentuo supermarket sells for 98. We bought it online, which seems to be 56 yuan

2. An old vacuum cleaner

during the decoration process, there are cement ashes, sandpaper polishing paint ashes of the wall and so on at many corners and edges. To be more specific, there will be small piles of soil on the floor and the pre reserved rich places because of the holes for installing kickboard clips on the wall. This can't be cleaned with a broom. The best way is to use a vacuum cleaner. In addition, those dirty things in the corners should also be disposed of by themselves little by little

so why use an old vacuum cleaner? Because these soils are different from the hair and floating ash in daily life, some of them are cement and some are paint, which are very easy to block the filter screen of the vacuum cleaner, and some gravel debris damage the vacuum cleaner very much. It is best to take the vacuum cleaner that has been used for a long time at home. Our Electrolux vacuum cleaner is basically going to be scrapped after cleaning the new house

3. 2 brooms (1 simple but solid, 1 delicate and easy to use)

Why do you use two brooms? First, you need to roughly sweep the gravel and dust before paving the floor. Second, you need to sweep the sawdust in the process of paving the floor and setting up the gate. In general, it is best to put the cutting process in the corridor and sweep it with this simple broom. Generally, after early cleaning, the first one is basically discarded. The second one is delicate and easy to use. It is used at home after the sanitation is basically completed. We choose the kind of bristle thin broom, which is very easy to use

4. One feather duster

our feather duster was bought at the request of the oil master. In fact, they should have it by themselves. Later, I thought that they would have to use it at home after they left anyway, so I simply bought a good one. The feather duster was first used to wipe the wall when polishing the wall. Later, it was used by me to dust the wall when cleaning after all the processes that can produce ash were completed. Here, when cleaning, it must be from top to bottom. First clean the ceiling and wall, and then wipe the floor

5. Several rags

no matter how good the mop is, it's not as good as a rag. Some rags are used to wipe the floor. Some things are difficult to wipe if they are not cleaned at first. It's best to wipe a little with a rag at the first time. Other rags are used to wipe furniture, cabinets, etc., which should be strictly separated from the rags that wipe the floor. I see that other people use one to wipe the floor and furniture. First, the rag that wipes the floor is easy to have debris. If you don't clean it, then wipe the furniture, especially solid wood furniture, is equivalent to using sandpaper

6. Some waste or cheap toothbrushes

you are very surprised why toothbrushes can be used here. Haha, this is what I thought of when I saw a life program in junior high school that using waste toothbrushes to brush shoes. I used a toothbrush to brush shoes, toothpaste to brush silverware, and tile seams. This time, I used it to brush the ashes of tile seams and corners. Some of them will be embedded in the seams. At this time, I need to use a toothbrush to drive them out. It's really good. You might as well try it

7. 1 medium brush

this is used to clean the bathroom with things like toilet cleaning spirit. Hold the brush in your hand and flush it with the nozzle, and the bathroom will be as bright as new

8. Several steel balls

are mainly used to wipe the cement, putty, etc. stuck on the tiles. Note that the steel balls may cause the tiles to turn black, but this is all an appearance. It's OK to wipe them with detergent

9. In addition to tools, some auxiliary materials are also needed:

(1) washing powder a bag of

dirty rags are difficult to clean with clean water, but it is much cleaner immediately after soaking with washing powder and washing again, but it must be washed clean, otherwise chemicals are more or less corrosive to things

(2) 84 disinfectant

our family was run by water. For the sake of epidemic prevention and sanitation, my husband specially bought a bottle of 84 to wipe the floor before paving the floor for the second time

(3) 1 bottle of toilet cleaning spirit

for cleaning tiles

(4) thinner a small bottle

we want thinner from the people who make cabinets, specifically to dry out those difficult rubbers. But the thinner can't be used for baking paint surface, but the glue used to wipe the floor buckle is no problem

my husband and I are very practical people. We also play our lives when we can enjoy it, and work hard when we can endure hardship. It's called: we can't live without snow in the spring and Xia Liba people. My husband performed very well during the pioneer cleaning period, rushing to wipe the floor and brush the tiles. We did it twice. Every time we saw that the house was cleaner, our hearts felt like eating honey, and then we had a good meal or bought something we had long loved to reward ourselves




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