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Detect the moisture content of wood

if the moisture content of wood is unstable, once the indoor temperature and humidity change, the wood products are prone to cracking, warping and deformation. Therefore, the owner must check the materials when doing home decoration

when purchasing wood for decoration, you must understand the detailed origin and types of wood. In addition, since the moisture content of wood cannot be observed with the naked eye, if possible, the moisture content of wood can be tested. Generally speaking, there are different standards for the moisture content of wood in various areas. The dry wood has obvious characteristics, significantly reduced weight, and crisp knocking sound, while the wood with high moisture content is heavier. Some owners believe that the lower the moisture content of wood, the better. In fact, this is also a misunderstanding. The moisture content of wood should be appropriate, and too low will also affect the use

ventilation and waterproofing are the most important.

the quality of wood production depends on the details of construction. When laying the floor, the construction shall be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions. Generally, the floor should be taken out for ventilation before laying to adapt to the indoor environment. The wood square under the floor should also ensure a certain moisture content, preferably equivalent to the moisture content of the floor. For families with good conditions, ventilation holes can be punched for proper ventilation

in woodwork, waterproof treatment is also particularly important. At present, white latex is generally used as the adhesive for the joints of wood products in home decoration. Some companies cut corners in construction and mixed water in white latex. As a result, wood products are prone to quality problems after absorbing water. Therefore, when applying glue to the veneer panel, try to use less water containing glue and reduce the amount of white latex. Generally speaking, all wood products should be painted with a layer of "finishing coat" after installation, which can not only protect the gloss of wood products, but also isolate moisture

in addition, the timing of construction is also very important. Try to avoid wet plum rain weather. In the case of severe indoor humidity, lime powder and desiccant can be used to absorb a certain amount of water

it should be noted in the contract that in addition to the contents of the contract logo, some precautions related to woodwork must also be noted in the contract when the owner signs the contract. For example, the brand name, price and place of origin of emulsion paint required in home decoration construction shall be indicated in the contract. In order to prevent the phenomenon of "wrangling", when signing the contract, it should be noted that "Party A provides materials and after Party B's acceptance, if there are quality problems in the construction, Party B shall be responsible."

when signing the contract, the owner should also indicate the warranty period after the completion of decoration, which should be extended as far as possible. At present, the warranty period of decoration stipulated in the market ranges from three months, half a year to one year. The warranty period of formal home decoration companies is long, usually about two years. During this period, woodwork problems caused by construction should be repaired by decoration companies

when selecting density fiberboard, attention should be paid to the following aspects:

the appearance depends on whether its thickness and density are uniform, whether the edges and corners are damaged, whether there are layering, bulging, carbonization and other phenomena, and whether there are soft parts

if possible, a small piece of medium density fiberboard can be sawn off and soaked in water with a temperature of 20 ℃ for 24 hours to observe its thickness change

choose MDF with low odor release. When choosing, smell it with your nose, and choose medium density fiberboard with small pungent taste

the following points should be paid attention to when selecting Blockboard:

observe whether the board surface is flat. You can touch it with your hand and watch it with your naked eyes at the same time: the method is to lift the board surface slightly and observe whether it is wavy in the sun (or light). If not, it means it is flat. At the same time, it is necessary to check whether the board surface has bug eyes, blue changes, black lines and other defects

gently break it by hand to see whether the bonding between the board surface and the core strip is firm. If it can be broken, it indicates that the bonding strength is poor

never buy Sanwu products without brand, factory name and address. Because Sanwu products are often made in manual workshops, rough and overflow

the following principles should be followed when choosing wooden decorative lines:

in order to avoid deformation, the moisture content must reach about 11% ~ 12% when choosing wooden decorations

when selecting wooden ornaments, observe their straightness with the naked eye. The method is to lift them obliquely with one eye slightly closed, and observe their straightness and flatness with the other eye. Their surfaces must be the same without insect eyes and discoloration

the owner, Mr. Wang, decorated the house in the second half of last year. Less than a year later, the floor of his home actually bulged and wrinkled. At first, he thought it was the problem of floor quality. Later, he learned through home decoration inspection that the indoor floor had reached the standard. However, the moisture content of the wood laid under the floor is far higher than the normal standard. For a long time, the floor constantly absorbs water from the wood, gradually leading to the floor expansion and deformation





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