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the latest research shows that expectant mothers should be alert to home decoration and pay attention to the signs of home decoration pollution. At the same time, they should pay attention to self-protection and pay attention to the conditions of normal childbirth. Modern people pay more and more attention to a healthy and comfortable life. Of course, people's normal reaction is to feel that home is the warmest and most comfortable place. If you want to really have a healthy and happy home, you must really have a healthy nest. Therefore, indoor decoration is very important. Indoor decoration pollution will lead to female infertility. Recently, the cases of infertility of residents, abortion of pregnant women or leukemia caused by decoration pollution have all left citizens with lingering fear. With the frequent exposure of quality problems such as excessive formaldehyde in household products, citizens pay more and more attention to the living environment, and the demand for indoor pollution detection and treatment of newly decorated houses is increasing

6 major signs suggest decoration pollution

1. The room or newly bought furniture has pungent and dazzling odor, and it is still difficult to disperse within a year

2. Getting up every day, my mouth and nose are uncomfortable, and I feel suffocated, nauseated, dizzy, and my breathing is not smooth

3. Indoor plants are not easy to survive, their leaves are easy to turn yellow, and animals die inexplicably

4. Family members are often prone to colds; Children often cough, sneeze and have decreased immunity

5. Many family members have skin allergy and other symptoms

6. Newlyweds do not get pregnant for a long time, popularize sexual knowledge, and master the principle of pregnancy. People should be widely publicized to understand sexual knowledge, reduce the occurrence of diseases, especially those related to sexual organs, and create favorable conditions for pregnancy. Prevention first, early detection and treatment of diseases that can cause infertility. For example, if pelvic inflammation can be treated thoroughly in the acute phase, it will not become chronic pelvic inflammation. If chronic pelvic inflammation can be treated carefully and thoroughly in time, it will not necessarily lead to tubal obstruction and infertility. Another example is that men suffering from mumps often cause orchitis. If they can be treated as soon as possible and pay attention to rest, the occurrence of orchitis can be avoided, which will not affect the occurrence of sperm and is conducive to pregnancy. If these diseases can be found early and treated thoroughly, they will not develop into infertility

pay attention to self-protection and normal reproductive conditions

maintain a happy mood and reduce mental tension. Having children is the hope of life, but sometimes hoping for children is too eager, but it will not be pregnant. Especially the elderly or those who have not been pregnant for several years after marriage are more nervous, which interferes with neuroendocrine function and affects pregnancy. Therefore, we must avoid impatience, inferiority complex and mental tension. Reducing surgery and paying attention to the abortion of the first child are of positive significance to the prevention of infertility. Some patients suffer from infection and fever caused by unclean surgery, resulting in salpingitis, endometritis, or the formation of inflammatory adnexal masses, resulting in infertility. Some infertile patients have been affected by irregular menstruation or intrauterine adhesion due to curettage, abortion and other operations

pay attention to self-protection. Some people who are engaged in special work such as exposure to radiation and some toxic substances should take serious measures to protect themselves and minimize the factors of infertility. In addition, we should develop good living habits, avoid frequent hot baths, avoid wearing tight pants for a long time, and actively participate in physical exercise to enhance our physique

conditions for normal fertility

pregnancy is a complex physiological process, and the following basic conditions must be met:

① the woman's ovaries have normal mature eggs discharged every month

② the man can ejaculate when having sex, and the semen contains normal number, shape and vitality of sperm

③ the woman's fallopian tube is unobstructed, so that sperm and eggs can meet and fertilize in the tube

④ fertilized eggs must be able to enter the uterine cavity through the fallopian tube and be planted in the endometrium





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