Spend 600000 yuan to build a European style palace

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Generally speaking, when it comes to European style, it will give people a sense of luxury, atmosphere and luxury, especially the European court style, which is more luxurious and heroic. European style is often cited in the engineering projects of villas, clubs and hotels. It reflects a feeling of nobility, luxury and atmosphere through European style. This decoration case is a European style palace villa built by a young rich young woman with a huge sum of money of 600000, and its provenance shows luxury. Let's have a look! It is absolutely eye-catching, bringing you a visual feast of home decoration

owner's Secret File:

owner identity: mysterious rich second generation

decoration area: 200 square meters

decoration cost: 450000 (excluding some equipment, household appliances, furniture, and soft decoration), the total cost is 600000

decoration style: European court style

decoration owner complains: decoration is really not human work, a word is tired! Now I finally understand why the owners say that the decoration can be tarnished. This is a complete experience of life. I saw many decoration companies and many beautiful pictures on the decoration Forum. Later, I decisively chose the European court style. How can 600000 decoration be worse than 50000?! After reading it, you will definitely feel how luxurious it is

rich young women build a European style palace villa with 600000 yuan: there is a porch to enter, and a shoe changing stool hasn't been bought yet. When there is no rice, I'll spend all my savings to build a simple European leaping layer for the decoration of a new home with 600000 yuan. Let's discuss it and have a look in a few days

rich young women build a European style palace villa with 600000 yuan: the open kitchen and restaurant are connected together. I feel that the place is much larger. Finally, someone accompanies me to cook. It's not easy for men




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