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Summer is a sad season for many wooden products at home. In terms of wooden doors, they are prone to 'heatstroke' such as cracking, deformation and peeling to varying degrees in summer. It is reported that this is due to the uneven density of natural wood in the growth process. With the change of climate in the use process, and some inferior sealing paint can not effectively isolate the air from entering the channel of wood fiber, the wood will absorb water in the high humidity air, resulting in the change of internal and external stress, resulting in deformation and cracking

the expansion coefficient of wood products will be more obvious when the temperature is high. Consumers can prevent it “ Heatstroke ”. For example, apply protective wax or special detergent evenly on the surface of the wooden door, and then gently wipe it to maintain its luster and moisture resistance. In muggy weather, try not to directly use a rag with water to clean it. At the corner of your home, you can choose some dehumidification products such as hygroscopic boxes and activated carbon. In addition, it is also necessary to remove the moisture in the room in time. Ventilators and ventilators are often used for ventilation and ventilation. Indoor plants can be placed on the balcony or living room, not near the door, so as to avoid water leakage during irrigation, causing foaming on the ground, such as the wooden floor, resulting in the wooden door cannot be closed

secondly, because summer is also a good time for decoration, high temperature and fast air circulation are favorable factors for decoration, so many consumers buy wooden doors at this time. Experts also remind consumers that the high temperature and heat in summer is a touchstone to test wooden doors and their manufacturers. Consumers choose wooden doors in summer, We must pay attention to the following points:

First: we should choose qualified products from qualified manufacturers. Some wooden door manufacturers who master the technical essentials have in-depth research and prevention not only for the climate and conditions of high temperature and humidity, but also for the worse environment

second: pay attention to the thickness of the wooden door. The thinner the handle, the lighter the better. The appropriate thickness of the wooden door is 42mm-65mm. Such a door is not easy to deform

third: pay attention to the material of the wooden door. You can listen to the sound by knocking. The sound of good wood is mellow and textured

fourth: pay attention to the paint process on the wooden door. A good paint process has good hand feel, gloss and uniform color, and its strength and gloss can be comparable to that of automotive metallic paint

fifth: ask whether it is solid wood composite or solid wood when buying



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