130 pingzhong style classical apartment, innovativ

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The fast-paced life makes the modern style popular. But some people are not satisfied with the paleness of modern style, and want to give it a certain cultural connotation; Some people who accept the traditional Chinese style are not satisfied with its complexity and functional defects, and want to change it while maintaining its charm

the interior design of Chinese classical style absorbs the characteristics of "shape" and "spirit" of traditional decoration in the aspects of interior layout, line shape, tone and the shape of furniture and furnishings. The decorative technique of traditional interior design is the embodiment of Chinese implicit temperament. The Chinese ancients' research and pursuit of living environment are far more elaborate than we imagined. Some of their interior design concepts coincide with today's most popular minimalism

the main feature of Chinese classical style is to take wood as the main building material, give full play to the physical properties of wood, create a unique wood structure or through bucket structure, pay attention to the principle of framing, standardize building components, pay attention to horizontal layout, use courtyard to organize space, use decoration components to divide and combine space, pay attention to the coordination between environment and architecture, and be good at creating atmosphere with environment. Use color decoration means, such as color painting, sculpture, calligraphy and arts and crafts, furniture display and other artistic means to create artistic conception





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