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Recently, the national official platform released a passionate promotional film "China's high speed rail in the new era", and Sanfeng wooden gate paid tribute to "China's high speed rail in the new era"

recently, a passionate promotional film "China's high-speed rail in the new era" was released on the national official platform: on the vast land of the motherland, 25000 kilometers of steel arteries are pulsating strongly, and each shocking lens interprets the "China speed", which is exciting, showing the unique charm of China's high-speed rail in the new era

manufacturing power ・ remember the original mission

looking back on the 40 years of reform and opening up, the light and shadow made in China have always been shining in the memory of the Chinese people. As a powerful manufacturing country, manufacturing industry not only plays an important role in the national economy, but also directly reflects the productivity level of a country. Household manufacturing industry is the backbone

at present, China is at the key node of the transformation from a "manufacturing power" to a "manufacturing power", and Sanfeng wooden door has always responded positively

from 1998 to 2018, we have grown from a start-up to a leader in the industry. With the determination and perseverance of "adhering to innovation driven development and realizing technology leading the future", we have constantly made efforts in production and manufacturing, promoted the transformation and upgrading of the home industry with practical actions, and worked with many home enterprises to write a magnificent blueprint of "made in China"

leading the industry ・ vowing to compete with the times

China's rise is unstoppable. At present, the collective self-confidence of the Chinese people is unprecedented, and national brands will enter a period of great strategic opportunities. Sanfeng wooden door, which is committed to the industry leader, knows that market competition ultimately depends on the improvement of comprehensive strength. To this end, Sanfeng wooden door has been increasing investment in high-quality, precision and sophisticated equipment

in 2017, it invested 300million to build a German intelligent household production base covering an area of more than 300 mu, and introduced international top automated production lines and processing centers such as Italian SCM and German Haomai, creating an industrial 4.0 era, which not only broke the traditional production mode, brought brand-new production changes to the household industry, but also consolidated and climbed the position of Sanfeng wooden door in the household industry

strategy first ・ sprint

the era of products has passed, and now we are ushering in the era of brands. The only way for the sustained recovery of home manufacturing industry is to better disseminate the digital, networked, intelligent and green brand image of home enterprises, more efficiently disseminate brand ideas, and turn brands into benefits

Sanfeng wooden door integrates the unique advantages of the high-speed railway media platform, with the help of the characteristics of high-speed railway media, such as large audience, strong networking, accurate communication and wide coverage, and through an all-round and multi-form organic combination, it transcends the one-way communication mode of traditional advertising forms, and comprehensively deepens the promotion and improvement of brand image

at this moment, Sanfeng wooden gate is galloping among cities at the speed of China

in the future, Sanfeng wooden door will continue to focus on consumers, focus on brand building, build brand clusters and differentiation; Pay attention to the cultivation of consumers, dig deep into the potential demand behind consumption, and actively interact with consumers; Strive to build a "3+4" core market, focus on resources, penetrate the market, pay attention to the construction of core terminals, lead the times, actively explore, be brave in innovation, and move forward at a high speed in the torrent of change

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