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Plastic colorants play their role in an unexpected way

plastic colorants play their role in an unexpected way. Plastic colorants may not be as novel as other additives, but they have made remarkable progress in the development of recent decades. As early as 1962, some groups of plastic additives gathered in Rochester and New York. We have come a long way. Jim figaniak, the current president of CAD (color appearance Division) association and President of LTL color composites, said that we should understand our history and look forward to the future enthusiastically

some new particularly sensitive applications are the current choices of plastic colorants. The pharmaceutical packaging industry has been aware of the need to improve, and is constantly discussing how to extract dissolved substances from plastics, and how changes in materials can lead to accidental contamination of drugs. Said Steve Duckworth, head of Clariant's global medical department. Colorants need to solve industry problems first, provide customers with the packaging they want, and try to improve their confidence in choosing new colors for packaging. Duckworth added

special colorants are very helpful to medical staff in the process of practice, and sometimes in unexpected ways. For example, medical personnel working on site benefit from having extra light, especially for injured people who can quickly cut their clothes. Therefore, RTP company provides a glass fiber masterbatch containing phosphorescent masterbatch, which glows in the dark, and reinforced nylon components for medical tools, which can give full play to its afterglow for up to eight hours

colorants also have an important function, which can be used to capture the attention of consumers, distinguish from plastic products of other brands, or create a specific user experience. In order to increase the choice of designers, colorant manufacturers are expanding their palette. Kydex, LLC, a professional manufacturer of thermoplastic sheets, launched 64 color libraries this year to expand its standard color library in aviation, mass transportation, retail, medical and other fields. We realize that color cosmetics and wine packaging are the core of every design concept. What we need to do is to stimulate customers' willingness to change product packaging when they see our design. Jim medalie, President of Kydex, said. Like the palette exhibition held by other companies this year, this includes some new colors with cool names, such as tangent storm impulse and solution

the process of colorants has been continuously improved, making plastic products more diverse in color. Taking the automobile industry as an example, the production and coating costs account for as much as 30% of the total cost of automobile parts. (PolyOne, but its performance is weaker) PolyOne is developing on color fxsmartpatch concentrate to focus on helping automakers use more color molded parts. We understand the challenges inherent in molding colored plastic parts to meet the high standards of automotive manufacturers, said Christoph palm, European general manager of PolyOne pigments and additives. Color matching and persistence is a long-term and complex problem. However, the company has achieved some success in Europe in this regard, so that those paintings containing special effects, 1) were put into the box by the experimental pieces and occupied the smooth channel, such as SmartBatch metal replacing plastic exterior parts, palm added

at the same time, many companies are making some basic pigments, such as black. Shepherd color added a new black, 10p950, Arctic infrared reflective pigment. The high solar heat reflection of pigments is suitable for plastic applications and must resist heat accumulation, which is a common problem of dark products. Based on a brown hematite mineral pigment, 10p950 has UV stability. The company said it can be used for exterior walls, roofs, doors, windows, extrusions, and internal and external parts of cars

contrary to opaque black, it is a very aesthetic plastic color additive: a colorless transparent additive cultivated from clarifier. Transparency is an important reference for consumers to choose food storage containers. Recently, Milliken announced the new milladnx8000 polypropylene clarifier, which emphasizes its transparency. Merican also stressed that this additive reduced the temperature in the production process and increased by 15% for German container manufacturers

color is the most intuitive feeling that objects present to people, and people's emotions can be expressed more richly through color. In today's era of rapid consumption, how to use color to quickly capture the attention of consumers is a huge test for every enterprise. Colorant manufacturers are trying to expand their palette, increase the color library, and make the product colors more diverse and rich. However, at the same time, how to design pleasing colors is something that enterprises need to study repeatedly

colorants are widely used, which can be said to cover all aspects of life, of which plastic products account for a large part. With the research and development of high-strength and environment-friendly plastics, the application field of plastics has expanded again. People are harsh and changeable about the aesthetic appearance of products, which also promotes the continuous research and development of plastic colorants. Compared with the enthusiasm and strength of foreign colorant enterprises in the research and development of new products and new technologies, domestic enterprises are slightly insufficient in this regard, and still stay in the field of basic products. I believe that after constantly experiencing the cruel baptism of the market, domestic enterprises will pay more and more attention to product technology research and development when they realize that traditional and backward products cannot meet the needs of consumers

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