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Plastic doors and windows are the only way for future architectural development

Plastic doors and windows are the only way for future architectural development

April 22, 2002

formula and design technology of PVC plastic additives, involving a considerable number of products and a wide range of uses, so that a wide range of engineering and technical personnel and management workers have a better understanding, and it is of great significance to be familiar with and master relevant technologies, which will play a positive role

A few days ago, liaozhengpin, President and Secretary General of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, proposed that it is the only way for the development of plastic door and window industry to develop the market with high quality and high price products

(I) the development of plastic doors and windows industry has had a good start

as China's plastic industry has entered the ranks of the world's advanced plastic countries, the plastic profile doors and windows industry has stepped into the stage of industrialization. It is an important part of chemical building materials. It provides new materials with excellent performance and long service life for the development of urban and rural construction industry. Nowadays, more and more plastic doors and windows have entered thousands of households,

especially the high-rise buildings that have entered the world's metropolises. Their wind pressure resistance, air tightness, water tightness and other five indicators

meet the requirements of modern high-rise buildings. Many enterprises use high-quality products to expand the market. Although the price of high-quality products is high, they have been fully understood and adopted by the majority of users, and even preferred. Once, due to the high quality of doors and windows and the slightly higher price, the phenomenon of being troubled in the process of market sales has gradually changed. The iron affair

has eloquently proved that it is an inevitable trend for the development of the national plastic door and window industry to explore the market with high-quality and high price products

(II). The plastic door and window industry has entered the stage of industrialization development

the development of China's plastic profile door and window industry started late than that of advanced developed countries, but developed very rapidly

. Plastic doors and windows began in the 1950s abroad. In 1959, the German hurt company exhibited samples of plastic doors and windows at the K exhibition in Duesseldorf. Plastic doors and windows in China were established and developed on the basis of the introduction of European technology and equipment in early 1980. 20th century 6 The gap between the force measuring piston and the force measuring cylinder is large. In the 1990s, it entered a rapid development stage focusing on popularization and application. The reason why it started late and developed fast is that national leaders attach importance to it, especially Premier Zhu Rongji's important instructions to vigorously develop chemical building materials. The state has issued policies to support the development of chemical building materials. The national chemical building materials coordination group of five ministries and commissions led by the Ministry of construction has played a positive role in promoting the healthy development of plastic building materials in China. Since then, international well-known manufacturers have been promoting equipment and technology in China. Many domestic large enterprises (groups) have invested heavily in introducing advanced equipment and technology, digesting and absorbing them, promoting the high starting point of plastic doors and windows products, jointly unlocking the new tomorrow serialization of automobile lightweight, and the continuous development of high-grade quality. As plastic doors and windows enter urban residents' homes, high-end office buildings, hotels, and resorts, After a large number of applications, plastic doors and windows are indeed better than traditional doors

windows, and are highly praised by the majority of users. At present, China has more than 3300 profile production lines, with an annual production capacity of 1.3

million tons and an output of more than 700000 tons; There are 8000 enterprises assembling doors and windows, with a production capacity of more than 200million square meters. Chang

has an annual actual sales of 700000 tons of profiles and 80million square meters of assembled doors and windows. As far as the plastic door and window industry is concerned, the profile extrusion production line, molds, assembly equipment, door and window hardware and other aspects are basically complete. It has the ability of self opening and design, with various types, moderate grades, and various products with their own characteristics. It has been widely promoted and applied throughout the country, greatly narrowing the gap with advanced countries. In many big cities, the market share of plastic doors and windows has reached more than 60%. The production capacity of profile doors and windows of the enterprise is developing in the direction of scale, and a number of profile manufacturers with a capacity of more than 10000 tons have emerged, and a few enterprises have developed from tens of thousands of tons to 100000 tons. Dalian Shide is the largest profile door and window enterprise in China, with a profile production capacity of 280000 tons. Some enterprise products not only sell well in the domestic market, but also have entered the international market. Some enterprises have provided complete sets of technology and equipment output to foreign countries. After more than 10 years of continuous development, the residential area has increased by 1.5 billion square meters every year. In China, the plastic profile door and window industry has entered the stage of industrial development

(III). The development of plastic doors and windows industry should strictly organize production in accordance with national standards

today, with the continuous development of plastic doors and windows, we must clearly see the problems worthy of attention in the development process

. The competition in modern society is particularly fierce. The same industry is fighting to the death in the market, and the price war is becoming more and more intense. The wind of unequal competition and price reduction has impacted the market, and there are still serious problems behind the price war. That is,

is not to organize production in strict accordance with national standards, to reduce the profile section at will, to add calcium carbonate fillers at will, to reduce the raw material additives at will, to make the door and window steel lining unqualified, and so on. The quality problems of plastic profiles

doors and windows caused by various bad tendencies regardless of quality, although they are very few and individual enterprises, have caused strong dissatisfaction among the majority of users in the society. Therefore, we must pay more attention to the long-term interests of the whole industry, eliminate hidden dangers of product quality, promote technological progress and technological innovation in the

industry, and strive to improve the quality and function of plastic doors and windows. According to the "Tenth Five Year" industry development plan, actively study and promote the development strategy of plastic doors and windows, so that plastic doors and windows can continue to develop rapidly and healthily along the road of standardization, and make contributions to changing the quality of national living environment and improving national living standards

(IV) the development of plastic door and window industry should adhere to high-quality survival and development

in general, the development of China's plastic door and window industry continues to maintain an upward momentum. In foreign countries, the application of plastic doors and windows in developed countries continues to grow. Except for Germany, which has built the joint laboratory into a base for scientific research and development and cultivating talents, which remains at 50%, other countries have adopted the new measurement and control system independently developed by our company, which is on the rise

, 35% in the United States, 52% in Austria, 38% in Britain, 30% in Spain and 28% in Canada, China has basically reached the target of 15% in the ninth five year plan, and is now moving towards 30% in the tenth five year plan

during the "Tenth Five Year Plan" period, the development direction of plastic profile doors and windows industry should be examined from the following aspects

1. National standards and industrial standards should be in line with international standards and participate in international market competition

according to the requirements of key enterprises of plastic doors and windows in China, the gb/t standard should be revised, based on the European standard

standard (EN), with reference to other foreign standards, including American standards (ASTM) German standard (DIN

), compared with the current national standard, the aging index is increased from 1000 hours to hours, which effectively

ensures that the plastic window will not change color for 30 years, and the heating size change rate is increased from the current standard ≤± 2.5 to ≤ 2.0. Modify and improve door

window 3017 and 3018

in addition, the requirements for the quality of profiles under normal and low temperature conditions have been significantly improved. At the same time, the weather resistance of profiles should be improved, and the requirements for other technical indicators in the processing and use process of profiles should be more perfect and

2. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of profiles and doors and windows, achieve industry self-discipline, and ensure the development of the industry itself.

at present, plastic doors and windows are constantly weeding through the old and bringing forth the new, Colored aluminum is the pride of aluminum alloy doors and windows. And the color plastic window

began to be accepted and recognized by people. Therefore, we should develop color doors and windows and strive to be bigger and stronger. Plastic doors and windows are important new building materials. Only by overcoming the phenomenon of one-sided pursuit of economic benefits, strengthening the awareness of industry self-discipline, and improving the quality of products, can China, which has entered the WTO, be invincible in the face of the entry of foreign products

3. Promote anti radiation glass and improve the ability of anti light pollution

people have higher and higher requirements for the quality of living. Environmental friendly decoration and beauty are certainly essential, while

anti light pollution and anti radiation are paid more attention to, because it is directly related to people's quality of life, which is also one of the development trends of plastic doors and windows industry, which is worthy of attention

4. Focus on big cities and face small towns and vast rural areas

now, the sales of plastic doors and windows are mainly concentrated in big cities, which is beyond reproach. However, the market space of plastic doors and windows cannot forget or ignore the vast small towns and rural areas. The completed area of rural housing in China reaches 600million square meters every year. With the change of rural consumption concept, the introduction of national laws and policies on forest resources protection and tree cutting prohibition brings development opportunities to chemical building materials. The plastic door and window market is expanding from urban to rural areas, and the development space is very broad, which should be highly valued by the plastic industry

the formulation and engineering design technology of PVC plastic additives are an important part of plastic molding processing. Liao believes that it is crucial to strictly and carefully control the formulation and design of PVC additives when the PVC resin model is selected for plastic profile doors and windows. At present, China has a production capacity of 3.3 million tons of PVC resin, more than 2 million tons of products and 1.92 million tons of imports. At present, the proportion of PVC hard products has been greatly increased, accounting for more than half. The formula and process have a direct impact on the quality and quantity of products. When the formula is determined, the equipment must follow the process. When the process is similar, management is the key

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