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Classification and composition of cutting motion

the main motion is the most basic motion that causes the workpiece and the tool to move relative to each other for cutting. The speed of the main motion is the highest, and the power consumed is the largest with the advantages of high precision, wide speed regulation range, compact structure, convenient operation, stable performance and so on. In cutting motion, there is only one main motion. It can be completed by the workpiece or by the tool to increase the friction force. It can be rotary motion or linear motion. For example, the rotary movement of the workpiece on the lathe; When planed by gantry planer, the workpiece moves back and forth in a straight line; Linear reciprocating motion of shaper knife of shaper; The milling cutter on the milling machine, the drill bit on the drilling machine and the rotation of the grinding wheel on the grinder are all the main motions during cutting (see Figure L)

Figure 1 cutting motion diagram

a) turning excircle b) milling plane C) drilling d) grinding excircle E) planing plane

a total of 1; 3. It is installed on the tailstock of the swing frame. The movement is to continuously put the cut layer into cutting, so as to gradually cut the whole surface. That is to say, without this movement, continuous cutting cannot be carried out. Generally, the feed movement has a low speed and consumes less power, which can be composed of one or more movements. It can be continuous or intermittent. The cutting motion of turning excircle, milling plane, planing plane, drilling and grinding excircle is shown in Figure 1

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