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Sukejing: a leader in low emission automotive interior plastics

on February 18, Mr. Wang Bin, marketing director of Shanghai Jinhu Rili Plastic Co., Ltd., held a media conference, Shared the latest high-performance polymer products created by J.S. in the automotive interior plastic industry and plastic net, which have been widely used in the automotive industry, such as angxinyi, in order to improve the penetration of drugs into the blood-brain barrier and improve the concentration of drugs in glioma cells

with the growth of the automobile industry, cars have gradually become the necessities of life, and the air quality in cars has therefore attracted more and more attention. Both the cases of car owners' rights protection and the rise of third-party in car air quality testing institutions are sending a signal that the invisible killer of the car market is mainly in car air pollution. And Jinhu Rili's ultra-low emission plastic for cars can be cleaned? It successfully solves the problem of air pollution in cars for consumers. Its VOC emission concentration is far lower than the requirements of major domestic OEMs, and has been applied in Volvo's latest domestic model s60l. Reduce air pollution in the car from the source and bring consumers a healthy and safe driving environment

Wang Bin also gave good suggestions on how to alleviate the air pollution in the new car. He said that the reason why harmful gases are produced in the new car is because of the smell of the materials in the car and some harmful gases produced after high temperature. Therefore, it is the same reason with decorating the house. After painting the walls, you must open the windows for ventilation for a period of time before you can safely move in. The car is also the same reason, There is always a smell in new cars. The most important thing is ventilation. For cars parked in underground garages, it is best to roll down all the windows before starting, and wait for air circulation for a period of time before starting. As for the use of bamboo charcoal bags and air purifiers advertised in the market, Wang Bin said that these are all mitigating air pollution in the car, and cannot be alleviated from the source. In addition, the purification effect of bamboo charcoal bags depends on the adsorption of bamboo charcoal. Therefore, after using for a period of time, bamboo charcoal bags should also be discarded

Wang Bin revealed that the improvement of domestic consumers' requirements for air quality in cars is putting pressure on major OEMs, and the direct result of the pressure is that car companies are increasingly strict in the audit of parts suppliers and even raw material suppliers. After being favored by Volkswagen, general motors, Ford, DPCA and other OEMs, in 2013, Jinhu Rili's plastic net products successfully entered the supporting system of Volvo cars, which is famous for environmental protection. In addition, the company is promoting the general global certification project at this stage. The latter intends to include plastic net in its list of raw material suppliers and recommends its primary suppliers to purchase plastic net? Products

for the products that took 3 years to prepare carefully, the screening of raw materials, manufacturing process, quality monitoring and even packaging of plasticizer are different from other products in Jinhu Rili. Jinhu Rili focuses on the lowest emission plastic in the field of automotive interior decoration. At present, plastic can be clean? The VOC concentration of is less than 10 GC/g, which is far lower than the VOC emission standard of less than 50 GC/g in major OEMs. At the same time, Wang Bin pointed out that since the instrument panel in the front of the car is mainly made of plastic materials, there are high requirements for the strength and toughness of plastics. While emphasizing its ultra-low emission characteristics, plastic cleanable products will not cause personal injuries caused by fragments caused by plastic fracture even after impact due to the high strength and toughness of pc/abs materials

in order to ensure the reliability of plastic net products from both quantitative and sensory aspects, on the one hand, Jinhu Rili has adopted sophisticated VOC detection equipment, and at the same time, it has also set up a nose team. This team has been assessed by Chang'an Ford at the end of 2013, which is the first among domestic raw material suppliers

the speed of technological change in the automotive industry is faster than we can imagine. Perhaps in the near future, competitors will launch ultra-low emission plastic with the same level as plastic kejing, then click the jaw seat lifting button material, and gradually establish a traceable channel through the certification system. However, the significance of our work is to take the lead in leading the pc/abs industry to achieve the goal of low emission of automotive interior. Wang Bin said at the end of the interview

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