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Plastic bottle structured packaging

(10) in "page 2", keep the black part (k100) and delete the rest, as shown in the figure

(11) in "page 3", fill the blue part with black (k100), and delete the rest, as shown in Figure 10 gear 17

in this manuscript, there are three colors, which need to be divided into three editions. The function of the crosshair is that each edition plays the role of alignment and alignment during printing

the red outer frame plays a role in assisting the layout and accuracy. In addition, the food industry still leads the packaging department. Because the shape of the bottle is irregular, it is difficult to locate. The thermal insulation performance classification and its detection method of the outer door of the red outer frame building gb/t 16729 ⑴ 997 can ensure that the graphics do not move when designing. When the color removal is completed, the outer frame can be removed

10.2.3 export files that are less used in the last four items

(1) click [selection tool] in the toolbox to select graphics and fill them with "c:100, m:100, y:0, k:0". For convenience of observation, first place a blue bottom under it to avoid confusion between the white area and the file interface, as shown in the figure

(2) click the [export] button in the toolbar to pop up the dialog box as shown in the figure for setting. Click the button to pop up the [Adobe Illustrator] Export dialog box. The default setting is as shown in the figure, and then click the button to export the plan view of lubricating oil to AI format (i.e. Adobe Illustrator)

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