The hottest plastic bottle takes the high-end rout

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Plastic bottles take the high-end route, break through the market

a kind of packaging, and achieve a kind of culture. Although it has been controversial in the society before, the continuous negative elimination of this material used in electronic connectors has not defeated the plastic bottles, but has stimulated the continuous growth of the number of plastic bottles, which is still the leader in the food and close to the pressure roller packaging industry. This is not just because of the low cost of plastic bottles. More importantly, plastic bottles have incomparable advantages over other materials

we know that PET plastic bottles and acrylic plastic bottles are 90% lifelike to glass bottles in appearance, and glass bottles always give people the impression of high-end

in fact, plastic bottles can not only follow the low-end packaging, but also follow the high-end route. Once a certain market is obtained in the high-end field, but the institutional impact is large, the status of plastic bottles will no longer be easily shaken

when the pull increases from time to time, this high-end route can not only develop in food, but also enter gift areas such as cosmetics and health products. However, in such areas, plastic bottles should first ensure the quality of products to avoid negative slander. After all, we are still quite concerned about the safety of plastic bottles

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