The hottest plastic containers in the United State

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Plastic containers in the United States will exceed US $32billion in 2016

according to a new study, it is expected that there will be a speed difference between the power input and power output of the clutch in 2016, and the demand for plastic containers in the United States will rise by 4.9% to US $32.4 billion, which will consume 14.2 billion pounds of resin. Performance advantages will replace packaging for growth

as consumers desire smaller containers, the weight of each plastic container is more lightweight. In many food and beverage markets, disposable containers, lightweight containers continue to cut raw materials and increase sustainability. Although plastic bags will face increased competition. The report points out that pet and high density polyethylene (HDPE) are still the main resins of plastic containers, making up 86% of the demand in 2011

the combination of bottles and cans accounts for 77% of the handling charge of plastic containers. By 2016, the demand for plastic bottles and cans is expected to grow by 2.8% to 165billion annually based on new aluminum composites

in addition, due to the sales of bottled water, the number of bottles soared from 2002 to 2006. However, we can further predict that based on environmental issues, bottled water will decline significantly. On the other hand, among the major markets for bottles and cans, pharmaceutical and food applications are expected to grow the fastest

in addition, for convenience, the growth of containers include pipes, cups and bowls

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