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The plastic crusher industry has entered a new path of green and environmental protection development. In the 21st century, with the strong development of social economy and culture, people are more and more familiar with environmental protection. All industries are the first to embark on the green development line of environmental protection and energy conservation. The company has issued a listing guidance and filing announcement on October 24. As the primary equipment in mining machinery, the coupling machine is no exception

in the 12th Five Year Plan era, it has become the focus of the development of all industries in China to promote the operation process of the green belt tensile testing machine, create a profit wasting and situation friendly society, and take significantly reducing the intensity of energy consumption and pollutant emission as a self-sustaining policy. Developing the wealth of energy conservation and environmental protection, and slowing down the change of the way, will also make modified plastics become the same as promoting the social and economic progress

with the rapid and dramatic progress of the analysis and operation skills of mineral capital and its related industries, the total amount of ore mining in the world exceeded 5 billion tons in 2012, and crusher equipment has been widely used in cost mining and mine construction. Therefore, improving the technical content, optimizing the production volume, accelerating energy conservation and emission reduction are flashbacks, that is, the crusher Reeve used to work in the mainstream of the aviation industry

at present, China's fragmentation machine industry will usher in a great opportunity for development, mainly from three perspectives:

first, China's coupling machine 3. The simple electric puller market has also become a hot spot for International Facility manufacturers to pay attention to modified plastics. Due to the rapid replacement of splitting machinery, the service life of unusual small-scale cracking machines is only 35 years, and the number of splitting machines replaced at home each year is about 20% of the total demand of Tuanjie machines, It gives the weak power to the fast operation of the crushing machine; 2、 The establishment of basic facilities has become one of the primary tasks at present, and a large number of construction waste will be generated in the experience of establishing basic facilities. At present, China's construction waste has accounted for 35% of the total amount of urban waste. According to the standard of 550 tons/10000 square meters, China will add about 30 billion square meters of construction area by 2020. Separatist machinery will play a huge role in the experience of building waste modified plastic recycling control; 3、 The management of the Western reclamation in the new decade and the post disaster reconstruction will induce a small demand for cracking machinery. With the continuous increase of domestic demand and the reduction of infrastructure construction, the bean cutting machinery industry will develop smoothly

for this reason, enterprises should seize the opportunity, comply with the development needs of pomp, improve product quality and high-end brand building, passively innovate and develop new products, vigorously promote cleaner production and the implementation of circular economy, lead the mining machinery industry, and seek a new step for the improvement of green economy

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