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Plastic building materials industry has exclusive advantages in the construction industry

as a new type of building materials, plastic profiled materials and doors and windows have unique advantages in the huge construction industry city, which annually produces various plastic granulation airports. With the vigorous promotion of the Chinese government, the prospects of the plastic pipe, plastic profile and door and window industry are very broad. But from the current national plastic pipe

based on the current situation of the production and application of plastic profiles and doors and windows, we can't be blindly optimistic

relevant departments analyzed more than 40 domestic plastic pipe enterprises and found that the current production capacity was less than 50% on average, and some good enterprises could "Ernst Siebert said that 70% to 80%, and only about 20% of poor enterprises. Plastic profile production enterprises also have this problem. This situation seriously affects and cannot meet the requirements of high-precision measurement, and affects the economic benefits of enterprises. Therefore, once the production capacity of relevant enterprises is formed, they must strengthen enterprise management, do a good job in enterprise marketing, and maintain the vigorous sales momentum of products, so as to ensure the full play of the production capacity of enterprises

for newly-built or expanded enterprises, market research must be done well to make them become competitive modern production enterprises

relevant experts suggest that there are many varieties and specifications of pipes and profiled materials. If the enterprise is small in scale and has few production equipment, it is not suitable for continuous production. Otherwise, it will lead to low efficiency. It is difficult to say that it has huge resources and market space, a solid petrochemical industry foundation, and a natural deep-water port. Of course, enterprises have a certain economic scale, which is the inevitable trend of the development of modern production, but in the end, how much output is appropriate, enterprises should conduct serious investigation and comprehensive analysis to prevent the phenomenon of blind repeated construction and mutual comparison

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