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North America: plastic bottles and caps have an impact on pet and PP raw materials

although the end of the year is approaching, the price trend of resin Market in North America is unexpected before UV curing. Under the rebound of commodity market and the current warming of spot goods, the price of resin varieties in North America market has increased significantly recently

pet Market:

due to the tight market and the rising cost of raw materials, the export volume of PET bottle resin has increased strongly. According to market buyers' estimates, prices will rise

lightweight bottle body - due to the reduction of PET materials used in bottled water and carbonated beverage bottles, the demand for PET resin is greatly affected. In addition, the acquisition of Eastman's pet business by dakamericasllc and the acquisition of NVIDIA's pet resin and fiber plants in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Queretaro, Mexico by indorama have subverted the American pet market

PP Market:

due to the weak market demand for propylene monomer raw materials in October and November, polypropylene (PP) is the only resin that has not been involved in the price rise, and the price fell by 2 cents in October and November. Polypropylene prices are not expected to change much within a year

the sales of polypropylene in North American market increased by nearly 3 percentage points in September. Contrary to the situation of PVC market, if P manually opens the oil return valve, it can usually reset automatically. The export volume of P is reduced by 50%, while the domestic demand is increased by nearly 12%

the demand for injection molded bottle caps is the main source of growth in the domestic PP market, with a total increase of 20% in the past nine months. In addition, PP sales for the sheet market also increased by 18%

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