The hottest plastic can be sold short in the futur

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Plastic future or technical callback can wait for an opportunity to short

lldpe: future or technical callback can wait for an opportunity to short

driven by the stock index, the main plastic contract 1401 closed at 10595, and the settlement price of the last trading day rose 2.02% The discount of 1405 contract increased by 40 points to 225 points compared with 1401 contract. Today, the constant load extension, elastic modulus, elongation, Zui large value, Zui small value, average value, net energy, turnaround energy and position of the main 1401 contract trading volume point have increased correspondingly. The increase of trading volume greatly exceeded the increase of position

after Bernanke's speech, the dollar index fell sharply, rising with the prices of safe haven varieties such as gold and crude oil. Crude oil has a strong trend, among which WTI crude oil rose by more than Brent crude oil. This also shows that the U.S. economy is better than the global economy, resulting in the growth rate of crude oil demand in the United States is greater than that in the world. This also gives plastic strong support. After that, the domestic stock index also gained momentum. The Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 (2326.688102.62,4.61%) rose sharply, driving the rise of various futures varieties. Plastic broke through the 10500 platform and continued to rise. However, with the continuous strong recovery of the U.S. economy, the strong trend of the dollar is only a matter of time. It is expected that the impact of this strong rise will continue to rise in the next few days

from the chart, the plastic has broken through the upper pressure line. It is expected that in the next few days, it may rise due to the upward trend, but the range will be smaller and smaller, and the possibility of technical correction is greater. It is suggested that the investment can consider short selling the plastic 1401 contract near 10800

pvc:6680 proper profit stop

pvc was boosted by the upward trend of the stock index today. The 1309 contract closed at 6625, up 0.83%, and the premium of 1401 contracts to 1309 contracts rose to about 65 points. 1401 and 1309 contract transactions and positions remained basically unchanged

today, PVC was boosted by the stock index and continued to rise. Today, it has tried to rise to the top of the range 6680, but failed. Judging from the future trend, the energy price still needs to be adjusted for a period of time, and the underlying support temporarily changes. This technology is relatively mature and reliable, with little change. The demand side began to change after the premier's speech. The bone fragment market rose sharply, and the market's expectations for the future changed sharply. With the rebuilding of this wave of confidence, the real estate market will drive the building materials market to go well in the future. Thus indirectly driving the PVC price upward. It is expected that PVC will rise in the next few days due to the inertia of the previous rise

from the above, the volatility range of PVC remains unchanged. It is recommended that investors continue to hold more than v1309 held by 6550, and some profit stopping can be considered at 6680 above the pressure line

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