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Classification, identification and authentic identification of common pure natural latex products

natural latex:

natural latex is a milky white flowing liquid, which looks like milk. Natural latex is a kind of biosynthetic product. Due to the difference of tree species, geology, climate and other related conditions, its composition and colloidal structure will often show great differences. In the fresh latex without any substance, rubber hydrocarbon only accounts for 20% - 40% of the total, and the rest is a small amount of non rubber components and water. Non rubber components include proteins, lipids, sugars and inorganic components, some of which form a composite structure with rubber particles, and some of which are dissolved in whey or form non rubber particles

pure natural latex should be collected from trees that have been planted for more than eight years. Eight advantages of pure natural latex bedding

pure natural latex mattresses:

generally, common pure natural latex mattresses only produce 75D, 80D, 85D, 92d and 135d density latex mattresses. 75D is the softest type, which is mainly common in the European market. 80D and 85D are medium soft types, which are mainly sold in the Asian market. 92d is medium hard type, It is mainly targeted at customers who have high requirements for the hardness of mattresses. 135d is super hard, mainly for obese customers. The lower the density, the softer the mattress. For Asian customers, 85D density is the most comfortable. But everyone's sleeping environment is different. Many customers like to sleep on hard latex mattresses, because the traditional idea that sleeping on a harder mattress is good for the body, which is a big misunderstanding. In fact, the mattress that really helps sleep is not too hard or too soft, but the mattress density corresponding to its own body shape and weight, in line with its own curve, and the mattress that can be closely fitted according to the curve generated by the human body lying flat and lying on its side is the best

pure natural materials have light milk fragrance, showing light yellow

delicate and uniform pores, emitting light frankincense, anti mite and bacteriostasis, calming sleep

common thickness is 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm and 15cm, width is 120cm, 150cm, 180cm

all pure natural latex mattresses are 200cm long, special shape can be customized

pure natural latex pillows

natural latex standard pillows are made of pure natural latex. The pure natural latex pillow is breathable and hygroscopic. Its unique soft touch and high elasticity of latex can conform to the body contour, rely on the human spine, and make your spine the best straight line without any burden. The traditional shape is suitable for users who are used to using traditional pillows for many years. Not only is it more in line with long-term sleep habits, but also natural latex pillows bring users healthy and comfortable sleep

suitable population

children: for children in the growth and development period, early use can prevent spinal deformation

the elderly: it can effectively improve the quality of sleep and relieve backache, back pain and neck stiffness

office workers: it can relieve the tension of the day, fully relax the whole body and quickly recover energy. One third of everyone's life is spent in sleep. Who doesn't want to have a good sleep? A good sleep can help improve the body's immunity and prevent various diseases

product features:

1 Too soft mattress fails to provide strong support for spinal bones, which is harmful to health

2 The pillow is too hard, which makes the cervical vertebrae part suspended, and fails to fully support the part below the waist

3 The pure natural latex mattress is moderately soft and hard, evenly supported, and makes the cervical vertebrae in the best position. It is an ideal mattress

cervical pillow 38*51cm, 44*63cm

square pillow 30*45cm 40*60cm

shoulder pillow 40*56cm

massage shoulder pillow 35*55cm

massage cervical pillow change fixture is fast and convenient 38*60cm

he requires

throw pillow 21x90cm

neck pillow 28*28cm

product features:

1.100% pure natural latex products

2 Natural environmental protection, no pollution

3 Non toxic, anti mite, antibacterial, anti allergy

4 Correct the posture of leaning, sitting and lying

5 It can effectively improve cervical spine, lumbar spine and reduce blood pressure

6 It has strong elasticity and can well buffer the pressure of human body

7 Designed according to ergonomic principles, it can effectively promote sleep

8 It can effectively reduce snoring, suitable for patients with asthma

9 It can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between human body and fiber

10 Honeycomb structure, with good air permeability, can quickly emit heat generated by human body

11 With high-tech and scientific formula, it is durable and never deformed

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