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It is not far for plastic building materials to break through the tradition of replacing steel with plastic

chemical building materials are the fourth generation of new building materials after steel, wood and cement. Plastic building materials are the main components of chemical building materials, mainly including plastic pipes, plastic doors and windows, building waterproof materials, thermal insulation materials, decoration materials, etc. Plastic building materials are widely used in reconstruction engineering, municipal engineering and industrial construction. China's plastic building materials industry has huge room for development. Take the plastic steel window market as an example. At present, the share of plastic steel windows in Germany is more than 40%, and that in the northern region is as high as 80%, specifically speaking, while that in China is less than 15%; Looking at the plastic pipe market, the market share of plastic pipes in developed countries is about 50%, while that in China is only about 25%. The real estate industry and construction industry are the pillar industries of the national economy. Although the state has continuously issued relevant macro-control policies due to the rapid rise in house prices, the attitude of the management to support the healthy development of the housing industry has not changed; At the same time, as China gradually enters a well-off society in an all-round way, there is still a strong demand for residents to improve their housing conditions. Now, plastic building drainage pipes, water pipes and sewage pipes have been widely used; Plastic doors and windows and other industries have gradually entered the stage of industrialization development; New waterproof materials have developed rapidly, and the output has gradually increased

among many varieties of plastic building materials, plastic pipes and plastic doors and windows will be favored by investors because of their good industrial foundation and broad market prospects. According to the statistics of China Plastics Processing Industry Association, plastic pipes and plastic profiles have become the most mature and best used plastic building materials in plastic building materials after years of development. During the Tenth Five-Year Plan period, the total market supply of various building plastic pipes and plastic doors and windows was about onemillion tons per year, with an average market share of 40% and 20% respectively. At present, more than 30% of the regions in the country have adopted new plastic pipes, and the application rate in some provinces and cities is even as high as 90%. In the three northeastern provinces, Inner Mongolia and other places, more than 40% of new residential buildings use plastic doors and windows. According to the 11th five year plan, the development of China's construction industry will still promote the wide application of plastic pipes and plastic profiles. The supply pressure is mainly reflected in the packaging paper industry and its rapid development. The huge market potential will attract more investment for these two plastic building materials sub industries. Among them, plastic composite pipes combined with plastic and metal, plastic and plastic are not only the upgrading products of traditional metal pipes, but also a new generation of pipe varieties popular in the world today

because this kind of composite pipe solves the problem of drinking water pollution caused by traditional metal pipes, and the production line investment is not high, plus it does not have strict requirements on the performance of resin, Dr. Feng Xiaohai, an associate researcher of Nanjing University of technology and general manager of Nanjing xuankai company, said that the special resin for high-density polyethylene pipes produced by chemical enterprises can basically meet the demand, so it will become a hot spot of industrial investment in the future. As for plastic doors and windows, due to its heat preservation, sound insulation, moisture-proof and other characteristics, and its rich source of raw materials, it can replace traditional wood, steel and other building materials, and has been widely used in the construction market in recent years. It can be said that the era of "replacing steel with plastic" is not far away

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