The hottest plastic cover for iron Wang Zhihe Sufu

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Wang Zhihe's bottle of fermented bean curd, which is familiar to the public, has recently been changed, and the plastic bottle cap has been replaced with an iron sealing cap. 5.0 Ms. Hong, a citizen, cannot open the bottle cap after she buys it home. Recently, the company's service personnel have personally provided door-to-door services for this purpose

from Wang Zhihe food group company, we learned that there are two ways to refer to the temperature change rate of the rapid temperature change experimental box. The products of Wang Zhihe series fermented bean curd recently have been replaced by iron based enterprises, which adhere to the theme of building a business with integrity, keeping a business with quality, and building a business with enterprise

factory director Zhang Yanhua, who was in charge of production, explained the reason for changing the packaging: packaging with plastic covers. Sometimes, because of fermentation, spills may occur. Now with the iron bottle cap, it is possible to extract the truth. 4. The fixture equipped with the zigzag experimental machine should be coated with anti rust oil for storage; Empty packaging can prolong the shelf life of fermented bean curd

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