Alarm causes of the hottest infusion pump

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Alarm reason of infusion pump

there are 6 symbols flashing in the infusion pump alarm system, so as to make corresponding treatment in time. Infusion pump with door mechanism infusion pump with door mechanism

① air flashes, and there is air in the infusion tube. Take out the infusion tube and exhaust again during treatment

② door flashes, indicating that the infusion pump door is open. When handling, it has a wide and accurate loading speed and force measuring range. Close the pump door and lock it

③ dccl flashes, indicating that the pipe is blocked. Check whether 80% of the pipe is stored, the domestic road is folded, the rolling clip is closed, and the needle is blocked

④ lowatt flashes, indicating that the infusion pump battery is low. At this time, connect the AC immediately

⑤ empty flashes, indicating that the liquid bottle or bag is empty, and it is necessary to change the liquid or stop infusion

⑥ the dip flow rate 1 flashes, and the drop number sensor fails? Incorrect sensor installation? Is the drip chamber damaged? Sensor surface contamination? Direct sunlight or strong light. Drip flow rates 2 and 3 flash, and the setting of the infusion set is inconsistent with the actual one. Reset it to make the setting value conform to the actual infusion set. Drip4 and 5 flash, the wrong infusion set is used or the infusion set is incorrect. D overview of deformation measurement: Rip flow rate 6 flashes, indicating that the infusion set is leaking, and the wrong infusion set is used. When the infusion pump stops working, the drop number sensor measures the spring tightening under a specific pressure. Detection: press the pressure plate down to the set pressure and stop dripping more than 0 drops

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