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Jixi top 100 projects add momentum to transformation and development

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in Jixi in April, the spring is cold, and a new round of upsurge of large-scale projects to seize development has begun. With an order at the centralized commencement ceremony of the construction site of Shanghai duoling graphene oxide project in the graphite Industrial Park in Mashan District on the 1st, 27 provincial-level top 100 projects were started one after another, and Jixi City pressed the "accelerator" of economic and social development

a new project is a new economic growth pole of Shimadzu. The graphite Industrial Park in Mashan District is a key graphite industry cluster in Jixi City. The Jixi sub site of the province's top 100 projects was launched at the construction site of Shanghai duoling graphene oxide project located in the graphite Industrial Park in Mashan District. The project will become an important part of the high-end graphite industry in Jixi City, with a total planned investment of 300million yuan and a planned investment of 100million yuan in 2020. It will mainly carry out the construction of the main works of graphene oxide plant and the installation of equipment for five production lines, and reach the state of production. After the project is put into operation, it will produce 1000 tons of graphene powder, 5000 tons of graphene antistatic tubes, 3000 tons of graphene conductive agent, 10 tons of inert lithium powder, etc. After the project reaches full production and effectiveness, it is expected to achieve an annual sales revenue of 800million, tax of 80million, and placement of 100 jobs

the graphite deep processing project of Heilongjiang Hagong graphite Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Didao district. It is a project to build expandable graphite, graphite paper, spherical graphite, cathode material and graphite mining and processing production line. After the completion of the project, 409 jobs will be added, the annual sales revenue will be 1.14 billion and the tax paid will be 150million

YIHAI KERRY (Mishan) grain and Oil Co., Ltd. grain and oil comprehensive processing phase II project is located in Mishan City, with an annual processing line of 360000 tons of rice and 130000 tons of rice bran and related ancillary facilities. After the completion of the project, 400 people can be resettled, the annual sales revenue is 3 billion, and the tax paid is 20million

according to guozhipeng, deputy director of Jixi development and Reform Commission, the market consumption of non-toxic and safe plasticizers will increase. There are 27 provincial-level top 100 projects in Jixi. 13 projects are under construction in this phase. The annual investment is planned to be 2.8 billion, and 53 municipal and county key projects are planned to be started at the same time. From the perspective of downstream demand for base metals, the annual investment is planned to be 5 billion. According to the work deployment of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government of "starting work in the spring", Jixi municipal Party committee and government attached great importance to it. While grasping the epidemic prevention and control, they listened to the reports of Jixi's top 100 projects and the centralized commencement preparation of "starting work in the spring" for three special topics, and made video scheduling for many times. It has issued the work plan for the centralized resumption of work activities of "start in the spring" of the top 100 projects in Jixi in 2020 and the work plan for the key enterprises and top 100 projects guaranteed by the municipal leaders in Jixi in 2020, and established a special class for the promotion of top 100 projects in Jixi

in view of the special situation during the epidemic period, all counties (cities) and districts, relevant units and departments in Jixi city actively carried out project services, and did a good job in ensuring water, electricity, transportation and other elements, creating conditions for the resumption of the project. The powerful measures to accelerate the construction of top 100 projects will surely add new momentum and provide new support for Jixi to win a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and accelerating the building of an upgraded version of Jixi's transformation and development. Liuwenji, the project manager of coloring powder and dye intermediates of Heilongjiang liaotai New Material Technology Co., Ltd., told: "it took only a week from the signing of the project to the official commencement of the project. Such efficient and fast work efficiency gives us confidence to make the project bigger and stronger in Lishu District, Jixi city."

"in the preparation process of the enterprise in the early stage of construction, the government of Mashan District has given great support and help in integrating the requirements of users for products. It helps enterprise employees download and learn to use Longjiang health code, so that enterprise workers can safely and quickly enter the construction site. At the same time, in the process of handling various procedures, it helps coordinate the Commission and relevant departments to handle some matters." Li Yunpeng, the head of Heilongjiang graphite deep processing project of Shanghai duoling New Material Technology Co., Ltd., said that with the high attention of all aspects of Jixi City, the project of the enterprise can be started smoothly and on schedule

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