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British enterprises purchase HP fb7600 flat panel large format printer

recently, bridgeshire company in the UK purchased the world's first HP fb7600 flat panel large format printer

bridgeshire's management personnel said that the purchase of Xinbo mining equipment stems from the company's scale upgrading and equipment updating. The company's goal is to improve efficiency and reduce printing cycle time. This device can effectively improve the printing quality, reduce costs, and make the printing cycle time more short. It can fully meet the needs of customers and achieve the company's goals. We have been thinking about how to maximize the efficiency of these printing machines as shown in the figure. With the continuous growth of business volume, our market is also expanding

it is reported that the HP fb7600 purchased this time is mainly used for pop/pos display business. The relevant person in charge said that the company plans to expand its scale again, recruit more employees and make every effort to enter the digital printing market

about HP fb7600 large format printing machine

HP fb7600 flat large format printing machine has a printing width of 3.2 meters, and the maximum printing output speed is 500 square meters per hour. It can print on 1650 mm x 3200m4 single sheets with m-Size test pieces placed. The international influence of China's plastic machine industry continues to increase, and the maximum thickness of the printing material can reach 25mm

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